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Deal of The Weekend: Orange Box $9.99 On Steam!!


I upped a big picture because this is a BIG DEAL! Ok that was an awful joke...

I’m not a big PC gamer. With that said I’ve been thinking about getting The Orange Box for a long time. It seemed like a good deal but I waited on it for the longest.

I’m glad that patience finally paid off.

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News about Max Payne 3!!


I had another post saved for today. Long story short it’s still unfinished and I’m in lazy mode. Besides this is actual NEWS, the other post I’m working on is just me complaining about some BS. Now that I think of it I might delete it. Anyway on to what’s important at the moment.

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So I Finally Beat GTA 4


I bought it on the first week it came out since I had a gift card. I knew it was a bad idea at the time since I had finals a week later.

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Speaking of Neckbeards…


Floyd calls dude “Prince of Aye-Rab” haha. That’s so terrible.

Remember when I said I rented Prince of Persia? I made a review out of it and it’s up on TSS. Go check it out.

My NBA 2K9 Review is Up on The Smoking Section


Check it out. Oh yeah Gotty if you’re reading this I’ll gladly take more free games sir haha.

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LEAKED!! Circuit City Black Friday Deals

Oh Circuit City got that good gushy gushy November 28th…

You goin' out of business ha?! (c) Juvenile

You goin' out of business HA?! (c) Juvey

In all seriousness it sucks that people are gonna lose their jobs. With that out of the way I got the full list of deals after the break. There are some gems in there but too bad there are no sales on that pstriple. Ebay’s always an option I suppose. Shout out to Gotty at TSS for the laink. Oh it’s gonna be on an poppin’ two weeks from now haha.

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Mirror’s Edge Trailer Explains your Raison D’Etre as a Runner

So this is why I was jumping around across skyscrapers the other day. Interesting. I like the art style in these trailers. They use them for the in game cinematics too. Plus they overlay when you start playing again so they blend together for a brief moment. Hopefully this game isn’t full of hype.

Freakin’ Mirror’s Edge!

Allow me to geek out for a moment about this game.

This game is bound to turn heads and may be one of the best to drop this year. Basically it’s an action game featuring you as a “Runner:” doing various death-defying aerial stunts across dangerously high chasms like roof tops and sewers. From what I can tell you’re doing this because you’re transporting packages and sensitive info about some Gov’t organization. I dunno the story flew over my head. The good part is that it’s not necessary to understand it on order to enjoy the game. What’s most important is the following. The catch is that…

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Problems with PCs and Macs

I’ll try to keep this from sounding too whiny. Notice how I said I’ll try haha. Of course I realize that computers are bound to mess up every once in awhile. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get mad about it, especially when you’re doing something important. Now, let’s get it (c) Young Jeezy.

"This Sh*t Here" (c) Kat Williams

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Not News: Left 4 Dead Looks Fun As Hell

Cant wait for this to drop

Can't wait for this to drop

For those that don’t know, Left 4 Dead is a new FPS/Action Hybrid-type game from Valve. From what I can tell you play as a member in a team of survivors against a horde of wild ass zombies. Here are a few twists to the game that make it worth checking out… Continue reading ‘Not News: Left 4 Dead Looks Fun As Hell’


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