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Interview with EA’s Gordon Van Dyke for Battlefield 1943

Yes things have been so slow on here that I uploaded a video from TWO months ago. I figured that I might as well let it get some life and promote BF 1943: one of the best download only titles out. It’s been out for a month and it’s still popular but free publicity never hurts. Plus I figured I should stop fighting technology and learn how to upload videos on the innernets.

Gordon, a Producer behind a number of Battlefield games including 1943, is a good dude and he was gracious enough to do a quick interview at E3. It was supposed to run on The Smoking Section for our 1943 giveaway last month but we passed on it. So now it’s a FH exclusive. Enjoy!

Freakin’ Mirror’s Edge!

Allow me to geek out for a moment about this game.

This game is bound to turn heads and may be one of the best to drop this year. Basically it’s an action game featuring you as a “Runner:” doing various death-defying aerial stunts across dangerously high chasms like roof tops and sewers. From what I can tell you’re doing this because you’re transporting packages and sensitive info about some Gov’t organization. I dunno the story flew over my head. The good part is that it’s not necessary to understand it on order to enjoy the game. What’s most important is the following. The catch is that…

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