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Lloyd Banks: Halloween Havoc Mixtape

Happy Halloween and all of that…

Trick or Treat from Mr. Banks

Trick or Treat from Mr. Banks

Jacked this from TC at The Smoking Section. Link and tracklist after the break.

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About that Ron Artest call last night

Long story short it was BS. If that was ANYBODY ELSE they wouldn’t have given dude a T. It just shows that a bad reputation precedes you in life no matter what you do to fix it. The brawl happened FOUR YEARS AGO. He’s been straight for the most part since then. Let it go people.

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Saigon: What A Life (Music Video)

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Chuck is still waitin’ on that album haha. Shout out to onsmash for the video.

Curren$y: Independence Day The Mixtape (With Ordered Tracklist!!)

Curren$y’s first mixtape in his 7 tape series this year isn’t too hard to find. It’s not as readily available as the rest but with some google skills you’ll stumble upon it. The problem is that the tracklisting is all screwed up. I was bored and annoyed so I reordered the songs according to the tracklisting on the back. Hit the jump for the new track listing and the link.

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Oh She Bad: Cougars

Yall young cats are gonna learn something in this post.

Sometimes you gotta wonder why young cats (I’m talking my age bracket here 21-25 perhaps?) fresh out of college still chase after these young girls (19-21) like we got midlife crisis. There is a much overlooked female archetype vying for YOUR attention my dude.

This is the cougar.

Nick Cannon enjoyin' that Cougar love

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Air Force 1 Hi’s By Hajime Tachibana

I just saw these over at KicksOnFire. ]They use the bottom sole as a print throughout the shoe. I have no clue when these drop but they’ll prolly be too much for my taste. Shoot, anything nice is too expensive for my taste these days haha.

Q-Tip: Ill Vibe Mixtape

Presented By Q Tip and DJ Dub

Backpackers get your Jansports ready. Here’s a free mixtape to hold you over until The Renaissance drops next week. It’s got some classics, some unreleased stuff, and it features getting up off the upcoming album. There’s also a track called “Feva” produced by J Dilla that’ll be in the UK release of The Renaissance. Hit the jump for a tracklist and a link. Thank Gotty at TSS for upping this over a month ago and getrightmusic for the link.

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NBA on TNT: West Coast Doubleheader Tonight

If Hov' did it yall would do it too.

If Hov did it yall would do it too

I plan on being a loser and watching basektball tonight. Houston is playing Dallas at 8, then the Hornets got the Suns at 10:30. I am looking forward to more photoshop jokes from the crew. Plus Ron got bars so I can flip this into a music post haha.

Yes it was necessary to post this.

Hit the break for more videos and Ron Artest styles.

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Free AT&T Wifi Hotspot Access for iPhones now, Blackberries later this year

Only thing is that I don't know where any AT&T hotspots are...

I just saw this over at engadget and Gizmodo. I don’t have either of these since I’m not a baller but that should change in ’09.

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Ghostface Killah: Computer Love

New P Tone for you Smart Dumb Cats

New P Tone for you Smart Dumb Cats

This is a radio rip from a recent Funkmaster Flex Night show from what I can tell. I don’t know if this is gonna be on his new album droppin’ next year. Get the link after the break. Shout out to Mike for this. Philly STILL wack I don’t care what you say haha.

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