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Remember This? – ED OG & Da Bulldogs: I Got To Have It

I took my Thursday nap as usual just now. I woke up on some “I WANT TO LISTEN TO I GOT TA HAVE IT!!!” which was a really random feeling to say the least. So to satiate my urge I hit up youtube and ran the video back. I’m still listening to it in another tab as I write this.

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Remember This? Nore – Banned From TV feat. Nature, Big Pun, Cam’ron, and The Lox

More story time snitches…

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It’s 2009 but I still listen to music from 1995

Smoothe Tha Hustla feat. Trigger Tha Gambla – Broken Language. This song is still raw as hell.

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NY Trip Part 3

Nas- NY State of Mind

Today was pretty good. I got to meet Harvey Leeds, a music industry vet that currently works at live nation. Of course I had to ask him a couple of geeky music industry Q’s so that was cool. Then we saw a taping of The Late Show with David Letterman. I got to see Jennifer Aniston and her legs were on point haha. After that I kicked it with my homey from WAY BACK and my cousin later on. It was definitely a good day, albeit a bit long. Come back for the final part tomorrow evening.

Diggin’ in the Crates I (Magnum P.I.)


I thought about starting this series for a minute now so I might as well start it today. I’ve been posting some BS for awhile so it’s about time I actually try to write something half decent.

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Guilty Pleasures: Trashy R&B


When I wasn’t going crazy studying for my final, writing term papers, and doing my project, you could find me jammin’ to some old R&B. I’m not talkin’ Marvin Gaye/Stevie Wonder old. I mean 702/Public Announcement/Teddy Riley-ish old.

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I Was Pleased to Hear This on Hot 97 today…

So I’m cruising around mad as hell because my bank closed. Then I heard this song and my backpacker radar started to go crazy. Remember when I expressed my affinity for this song? Well apparently this is old, but Jada hopped on the beat and did his own thing w/ some dude named Josh Xantus. Living in wack ass upstate NY leads you to miss out on stuff like this if you’re not online 24/7.

Josh Xantus – Lets Ride feat. Jadakiss

Remember This? Black Moon – Buck Em Down (Music Video)

My backpack is on right now. I like the OG version off the album too. Ahhh what the hell. I got the link after the break.

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Guess what came in the mail…

So this is how it went down just now. I been on Dell’s customer support for over 2 hours trying to get this wack laptop fixed. Quick note, DON’T buy the XPS M1530, the GPU overheats like crazy. I know that’s the problem but they insisted on being dickheads about it. Long story short I gotta wait until Monday to get this issue resolved.

I was type heated, but I saw that I got a package…

Word I got a package. What could this be?

Word I got a package. What could this be?

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The Smoking Section Presents “Election Day Playlist”

Let's hope Barack pulls through tomorrow

Let's hope Barack and Biden pull through tomorrow...

I have to do at least one music related post today. Click here to check it out. I voted early so I won’t be in the long ass lines tomorrow. If you are voting you might as well click and download because you’ll be at the booths for a minute haha.


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