Fakehustle Exclusive! Interview With 6th Sense

6th Sense

6th Sense

Alot of cats on the internet rhyme and make beats, but few do it as well as 6th.

This Rawkus Records rapper/producer has been hitting the indie circuit with a debut album,  some mixtapes, and a weekly series with his boy Wildabeast as a duo called “Both Nice.” I got to chop it up with the NY native about his upcoming projects including his second album, his Both Nice project, and some beats that he’s working on for various artists. It’s a pretty interesting read. Check it out. I also have some bonus music from 6th courtesy of notherground music at the end.

Sam C: Word so lets get started, basically what got you into making music?

6th Sense: I was in love with music from birth.  From a young age I was playing drums and piano.  I’d say there wasn’t anything specific, it’s just that music was inside of me from the get.

Sam C: so you’re background in music played a role in your production as well?

6th Sense: They go hand in hand.

Sam C: So did you start rhyming at an early age or did you get into it more recently?

6th Sense: I started rhyming at 10.  I heard a Run-DMC song and went crazy.  I spent all day transcribing DMC’s verse and changing his name to mine.  I started taking rhyming seriously around 15.

Sam C: Did you battle at all or were you just writing?

6th Sense: I’ve always done some battling.  I’ve won a ton, lost a few, but moreso I don’t even entertain it, at least anymore.

Sam C: i’ve noticed that about some rappers, what is it about battlin that some cats step away from it after awhile, at least from your point of view?

6th Sense: You can’t go platinum battling.  No one’s ever one a Grammy award for “Best 2nd Round Comeback.”  It’s also a matter of popularity, there was a time when battling was popular, and it was a medium/arena for a lot of cats to be heard.  Now it ain’t even a transitioning point.

Sam C: Word ok, i see what your saying. Switching gears, where did the idea for both nice come from.

6th Sense: Me and Wildabeast had always felt we should do something together due to our musical chemistry.  The name “Both Nice” is somewhat comical, but it’s just refreshing.  A lot of times people talk about rap groups and will discuss about which MC is better, and we just felt that it didn’t matter, that we’re both nice, that it’s about our music.  We just make really progressive, out-there type of stuff, but at the same time it’s extremely hip-hop.  A lot of times hip-hop goes to the avant garde and it just goes too far.

Sam C: word I noticed you’re sound is distinct with the weekly songs.  Why decide to drop em weekly?

6th Sense: Dropping a song weekly isn’t a revolutionary idea, it’s been an effective tool for artists to release music.  We decided that with each week though that we’d include the instrumental, accapella, and lyrics.  I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but we stopped releasing songs.  We dropped 7, and we got 6 more in the can, that we’ll put all together and drop an official album when the time is right.

Sam C: Yeah i noticed that it didn’t come through in my inbox on sunday but i’ll keep my eyes open for em. Are you working on your next album or are you focused on both nice stuff now?

6th Sense: I am working on my next album, it’s nearly done.  It’s called “It Was All A Dream.”  When people hear it they’re gonna feel like something’s missing, but at the same feel like they’re getting so much more.  I can’t really delve into it that much further.

Sam C: Word i saw that you were working with the mtume drums in that youtube vid.

6th Sense: Yeah, that’s the first track.

Sam C: word it sounded good, i noticed you were trying to do your own thing with em tho

6th Sense: Yeah.  A few people I’ve played the track for didn’t even recognize that the drums were Juicy Fruit

Sam C: yeah cause you didn’t use the same patterns. Real quick side note, speakin of juicy what do you think of that biggie movie

6th Sense: I haven’t seen it.  I’m hearing good things.

Sam C: word it looks better than i thought, was big a major influence or do you just like that song?

6th Sense: Biggie was and will always be the shit to me.  He passed away unfortunately on my birthday.  I’m not sure if it’s symbolic or coincidental, but I love Biggie.  I’ll say it again, I love Biggie.  It’s so crazy that they took his life at such a young age.

Sam C: word biggie is one of my faves, do you have any other favorite artists that influenced you rhyming or production wise?

6th Sense: J Dilla, Kanye West, Stevie Wonder.  Those are three of my biggest inspirations.  Everyone influences me.

Sam C: even soulja boy?

6th Sense Sure.

Sam C: word so you don’t hate on dude then

6th Sense: Nah.  But should I throw in a “fuck Souljah Boy” just to keep pace with the status quo?

Sam C: So what’s poppin with notherground? Other than your album and both nice, what’s coming up?

6th Sense: ’09 is the year I’m going to break out even more as a producer.  Notherground.blogspot.com

Sam C: Yeah so who are you laying beats for in the new year?

6th Sense: I got a lot of things right now in the works.  For now I’ll say you can check out production on The Kid Daytona‘s album, Outasight‘s album, Nina B, Mickey Factz, a whole slew of NY artists I can’t say at the moment.  If ya’ll ain’t download Jelani’s “Wait, You Can Rap?!?!” album yet ya’ll sleeping.  Hopefully we’ll have more Jelani music next year.Also, we’re going to be dropping a mixtape by Mike Maven.  He’s a rock/soul artist and we’re going to be putting out a mixtape.  Keep your ears peeled for that, it’s gonna be insane.

Sam C: word that sounds great, are you gonna try to push notherground as like a major label imprint or are you staying indie?

6th Sense: Time will tell.

Sam C: so you’re taking a wait and see approach?

6th Sense: Nah.  You’ll just have to wait and see.  Regardless the music stays pure dope.

Sam C: ok, so moving on, it’s about to be ’09, why do you think cats still make a big deal about rappers/producers being white?

6th Sense: They do?  Who?

Sam C: like I mean, you know how cats on the internet or just heads will be like X is popular just because he’s white, overlooking what he can bring to the table, like haters basically.

6th Sense: Oh.  I don’t know, that’s on them.

Sam C: So it’s never been an issue for you comin up?

6th Sense: I mean, sure, I guess.  But it’s a non-issue as much as it is an issue, so it’s really nothing.  In the perspective of life, I cannot complain.

Sam C: So is there anything else that you wanna mention?

6th Sense: Just props to yourself and Fake Hustle.  6th Sense ain’t tryin to be somebody, just tryin to do something.  I’m excited for this show at the Knitting Factory next week.  ’09 is gonna be an incredible year, ’08 was great.  I got my ticket to inauguration to go see Barack Obama get inducted into office.  Notherground.blogspot.com.  Peace and love to all.

Sam C: Word you’re lucky, im headin down to DC hopefully but my senators ran outta tickets. Well thanks alot for your time man i really appreciate it

6th Sense: not a problem

6th Sense: thanks to you too


6th Sense and Mick Boogie: Go For It


6th Sense and Mick Boogie: Just Do It

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