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Greyhound Again…

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

You know how it is. No posts most likely other than this one today…

Wait, didn’t you just go home last weekend??

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

And didn’t you JUST say that you wouldn’t mess with Greyhound?

Yeah well shit happens sometimes. I’m gonna be out all day today and I doubt I’ll post much over the weekend. But hey maybe i’ll catch some free time and post when I can. Either way we’lll see.

Headin’ Back Today…

(Edit: I was supposed to drop this post this morning but I was rushing. I’ll entertain you with the post despite this news haha.)Not a fan but I gotta do it.

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

…and I’m not looking forward to it.

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On that Greyhound Again…

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

I’m heading home for the weekend so I won’t be on like that. In other news I swear on my S Curl that I won’t take Greyhound when spring break hits.*

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I’ll be on that Greyhound all day again…

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

Not a fan but I gotta do it.

Ugh I really need to start using Amtrak.

I’m Coming Home Again…

I’m headin’ home for Winter Break today.I’m gonna be on that Greyhound again on the way back to Jerz. This’ll probably be the only post of the day so enjoy it.

Come to think of it, I like the original version better from about ’03. I’ll do some diggin’ when I get back to find the mp3. This is gonna have to do for now.

Goin’ Back Upstate…

Well it’s not that serious haha.

Thanksgiving break was great. Sorry I didn’t update much this week. I gotta go through hell week then it’s WINTER BREAK SON! I’ll be on that greyhound all day again. Hopefully it goes better than last time.

Greyhound Gets the Gas Face

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

I’m not a fan of “Going Greyhound.” However I have to get home somehow and I don’t have a car. Therefore Greyhound is usually one of my few options to get back to civilization. Sure it gets me where I need to go but the journey isn’t always easy. Take yesterday for example.

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Finally back home…

That Jersey City Waterfont...

This is Jersey City's Waterfront. Downtown JC came up. I'm thinkin' of moving there when I get out of school.

..and feelin’ good. Sorry for not updating as much. I had to deal with school stuff and a midterm so I was mad busy. Continue reading ‘Finally back home…’


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