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Was I REALLY in LA last week?

E3 and NBA Finals Game 1 097

If so I still can’t believe it. I was really on the other side of the country for a good minute. I never went further west than Atlanta before that so it was a big move for me. Anyway E3 was crazy. I’m still detoxing from games so no Xbox or TF2 on my laptop for me until further notice. Anyway I got some flicks of the city after the break. Check it out.

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Oh She Bad: Christina Milian


I can’t recall being a major fan of her music at any part of her career. Not that it’s horrible or anything but it just missed me. If anything I give her props for writing her own stuff.

Her looks are a TOTALLY different story.

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6th Sense in Both Nice Live @ The Free Show/Southpaw

More 6th sense stuff. Check out pics of the event w/ some footage featuring Tanya Morgan, Spec Boogie, and Donny Goines provided by Music ADdcits Only.

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Oh She Bad: Cougars

Yall young cats are gonna learn something in this post.

Sometimes you gotta wonder why young cats (I’m talking my age bracket here 21-25 perhaps?) fresh out of college still chase after these young girls (19-21) like we got midlife crisis. There is a much overlooked female archetype vying for YOUR attention my dude.

This is the cougar.

Nick Cannon enjoyin' that Cougar love

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Oh She Bad: Rosario Dawson x Seven Pounds Trailer

Makes a simp wanna say "Aww she got that good hair"

Makes a simp wanna say "Can I get anything for you uh Misss Dawson?"

She’ll be co starring with Will Smith in Seven Pounds in December. Seven Pounds is a movie about a guy (Mr. Willard Smith) who bestows a fortune on 7 random people. Well that’s what I took from the trailer. Check out more pics and a trailer for the movie after the break.

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Oh She (More Like They) Bad: Nina Sky x Curtain Call (with the Remix)

Oh you grown now HA?! (c) Nina Sky

Oh yall grown now HA?! (c) Juvenile

I remember when that “Move Ya Body” ran radio and parties back in high school.  They got a joint with Rick Ross that’s been out for awhile called Curtain Call. I got my hands on the original and the remix. Check out the links, more flicks, and a video of them DJ’in after the break.

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Oh She Bad: Keri Hilson x Superhuman Music Video feat. Chris Brown

Yo on the real I’ve been looking for an excuse to post some pics of her. I’m not the biggest fan of her music so this’ll do. Check for the video and the pictures after the break.

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