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KRS One, Buckshot, Black Milk, & MJB ON THE SAME TRACK?!?!


You read it right. KRS, Buck, and Mary J Blige make appearances on “On The Grind:” a Black Milk production.

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An Open Letter To Nike Regarding The Air Jordan Fusion


Sorry for not updating as frequently as I should. I just got back to school and it hasn’t been a smooth transition. I think you’ll like this though. Check it out after the break.

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Joell Ortiz Interview W/ Culture VI

I know I said I’d cut down on these kinds of posts but Will always does good interviews. I was gonna talk about my trip back home and the hoodrat stuff I did today but I’m too tired for that now. Enjoy the video in the meantime.

Kanye West on The Wake Up Show

I’m watching this now via RRT. Supposedly he’s talking about Blueprint 3 and what 50 had to say about him. My video is still loading unfortunately as I type this. I’m hoping Kanye will say something crazy because I could use a laugh right now.

So About That Dunk Contest Last Night…

I have to tip my hat off to Nate for winning in such fashion.

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Pimpin Curly

Lateness aside this video is hilarious.

Donny Goines – As The World Turns and some Bonus Stuff…

donny-goinesThis track is off of his debut album “Minute After Midnight.” Check it out.

Donny Goines – As the World Turns

Also, check out my interview with Donny Goines if you haven’t already.

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Lil Wayne on David Letterman’s top 10

This might as well be Wayne week because dude’s been crackin me up almost every day.

Interview w/ Joe Budden and Tahiry

So that’s how you spell her name. Shout out to Will @ CultureVI for this one. Check out why cats beast Tahiry so crazy on the internet after the break.

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Full Katie Couric Interview w/ Lil’ Wayne

I’m watching this joint as soon as I get home tonight haha.


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