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So Marbury is going to the Celtics (finally)


It’s a done deal. I’ve always wondered why the Celts had so much interest in dude as a back up. They could use a solid 1 off the bench but they got a good chemistry goin’ as is. I’m not saying that Marbury will mess that all up but I don’t know how he’ll fit into their system. Either way I hope he does well.

So About That Dunk Contest Last Night…

I have to tip my hat off to Nate for winning in such fashion.

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IF I Headed the NBA’s All Star Weekend This Year…


It’d be like this, courtesy of TSS.


You know it’s a shame that Kenny never made it to the all star game…

I’m Watchin Ball Tonight…

This man will dunk on your whole family

This man will dunk on your whole family

…because it’s way too cold out to do anything.

NBA on TNT games

8:00 Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic: This should be a good game. I don’t get to catch Orlando on TV that much. I want to see what the big fuss is about Jameer Nelson.

10:30 PM Washington Wizards @ LA Lakers: This’ll most likely be a blowout. If so I’ll cut the game off early.

Charles needs to hurry up and come back. The show isn’t as funny without him.

C’mon back Chuck!

So I saw this on the other day…

…and I had to save it.


Click to see a larger version of the flick.

I know, it’s too early to say anything about MVP and Devin Harris is quite a long shot for it to say the least.

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Quick Recap of Nets Vs. Raptors recap of last night’s game…

Nets 129-Raptors 127

Some quick notes about the game.

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My NBA 2K9 Review is Up on The Smoking Section


Check it out. Oh yeah Gotty if you’re reading this I’ll gladly take more free games sir haha.

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NBA on TNT Tonight: Detroit Vs Boston and LA Vs Phoenix

NBA on TNT has a hell of a double header on their hands as you can already tell. You know i’ll be watching both games and the post game show. They gotta run back who he play for after the game though hahaha.

NBA TV Top 10: November 18

In other news I think I ruined Devin Harris’s streak. He still dropped 23 though.

Devin Harris Has Been BALLIN’ Son

I knoowwwwww youuuu seeeeeiiiiiiit (c) Young Joc


Devin Harris, pictured, sayin' BYAHHHHH about to yam the hell out of the ball

Devin Harris, pictured, sayin BYAHHH as he's about to yam

 Devin Harris is probably playing better than your favorite point guard right now. I know, I know, it’s early in the season and the Nets are 4-5. But this is my page and I’m gonna talk reckless if I want to haha.

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