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The NBA x Newark: Enjoy it While You Can

Nets Game 10-21-09 051

I decided to see the Nets’ last preseason game against the Knicks at The Rock. The tickets were only ten bucks so I came through with my lil’ homey from Rutgers.

So, do the Nets fit in well with Newark? Continue reading ‘The NBA x Newark: Enjoy it While You Can’

So Marbury is going to the Celtics (finally)


It’s a done deal. I’ve always wondered why the Celts had so much interest in dude as a back up. They could use a solid 1 off the bench but they got a good chemistry goin’ as is. I’m not saying that Marbury will mess that all up but I don’t know how he’ll fit into their system. Either way I hope he does well.

Congrats to the Knicks (for now)…

Not only did they drain 19 3’s, they’re above 500 right now. I guess D’Antoni Ball is working for them. In other news the Nets still aggravate the hell out of me. Oh well it’s still early in the season. With that said I can tell Rod Thorn isn’t trying to win games any time soon with these wack deals he pulled off this summer.

So Where Will Marbury End Up?

Marbury, pictured, looking like a regular visitor of

Marbury, pictured, looking like a regular visitor of

Even as a Nets fan it’s a shame to see someone as talented as Marbury go unutilized. Hate on him all you want, dude can ball. He may have a temper, he has been known to scapegoat his team members, and has a history of being a problem in the locker room. However it’s frustrating to see someone as talented as the lil’ homey, for some reason, not get it together.

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