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Is Basketball Really Over?!?!

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88095590CC171_NBA_Finals_Ga Photo Credit: Getty Images

I hate to see the season end like this. No, I’m not mad that the Lakers won. In fact I’m glad Kobe got a chip and I expect him to make a diss record at Shaq in the coming weeks.

But c’mon now, the finals were so garbage. It wrapped up in 5 games. One was interesting (game 2) the next best one was aggravating (game 4) and that’s it.

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I’m Watchin Ball Tonight…

This man will dunk on your whole family

This man will dunk on your whole family

…because it’s way too cold out to do anything.

NBA on TNT games

8:00 Boston Celtics @ Orlando Magic: This should be a good game. I don’t get to catch Orlando on TV that much. I want to see what the big fuss is about Jameer Nelson.

10:30 PM Washington Wizards @ LA Lakers: This’ll most likely be a blowout. If so I’ll cut the game off early.

Charles needs to hurry up and come back. The show isn’t as funny without him.

C’mon back Chuck!

NBA on TNT Tonight: Detroit Vs Boston and LA Vs Phoenix

NBA on TNT has a hell of a double header on their hands as you can already tell. You know i’ll be watching both games and the post game show. They gotta run back who he play for after the game though hahaha.

Fakehustle’s NBA Regular Season Preview Part 2: The Western Conference



So I knocked out a whole post on the Eastern Conference last night. It’s only customary that I break down the West Coast too. So without further BS, Heeeeerrrre we go (c) Slick Rick.

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