Fakehustle’s NBA Regular Season Preview Part 2: The Western Conference



So I knocked out a whole post on the Eastern Conference last night. It’s only customary that I break down the West Coast too. So without further BS, Heeeeerrrre we go (c) Slick Rick.

1. LA Lakers: I didn’t think I would say this 2 years ago but here it goes. With Bynum back healthy the top spot in the West is all theirs. I’d like to see if Phil Jackson will play around with Lamar Odom as a 6th man. Plus Farmar is a decent back up that developed his range beyond the arch last year. As a side note I look forward to the homey Mark Jackson callin’ out Sasha Vujacic for his fake hustle on D.

Tell ’em Mark

one more…

U Mad (c) Cameron Giles

2. New Orleans Hornets: They’ll be back at number 2 with the addition of James Posey. This’ll boost their perimeter D especially on all the star guards/swingmen in the West. It also adds some depth possibilities in letting Peja possibly come off the bench to score. They didn’t lose anyone important and CP3 will only get better.

How could you let that happen Dwight? Fake hustle, that’s how.

3. Utah Jazz: I think they can definitely steal this spot from San Antonio. They got some good range from beyond the arch with Matt Harpring, Kyle Korver, and Deron Williams who shoots from downtown on occasion. They also have solid perimeter D with the $15 Millie dollar man Kirlenko and Brewer coming off the bench. Brewer also has an opportunity to grow offensively this year too. He could bear to get some range downtown though. On top of all of this you already know Boozer is due for his nightly 22 and 10.

4. San Antonio Spurs: I think the “but they old” argument fits no other team better than the Spurs.

Tony Parker stay simpin

Tony Parker stay simpin

Of course they’ll still be good and prolly finish within a game or two of Utah (and 3 or 4 within LA and NO for that matter). Manu will still be a 6th man of the year candidate and Tony will still rip. Not to mention Duncan (Edit 10/30: I was wildin’, you know I meant KG) is still the best 4 in ball. It’s just that, at least regular season wise, the rest of the conference is catching up with them.

5. Houston Rockets: Getting Ron Artest was a big addition to an already established defense. It also spreads there perimeter game out a little bit too. They get the 5th pick because you know T Mac is gonna have back problems like he always does. That’ll cost them a few games. Yao will still look awkward and soft getting his 22 and 11 with a few blocks on the side.


6. Phoenix Suns: They’ll edge out Dallas by a hair. I actually think they got worse by adding Shaq and getting rid of Sean Marion. It remains to be seen how well they’ll play under Terry Porter ball. Either way they should be interesting to watch since they’ll at least try to play some D for once.

7. Dallas Mavericks: I can’t see them moving beyond 7th since the West is so stacked. Plus Carlisle ball may be tricky down in Dallas, especially with “I want it my way” JKidd and Dirk’s bitchassness attitude. Josh Howard will be blunted somewhere not giving a shit.

I ain’t with the star spangled bannuh nigga I’m BLACK. OBAWWWMUHH ’08 (I had to do it haha)

Expect Lamarcus to ball out this year

Expect Lamarcus to ball out this year

8. Portland Traiblazers: This was the hardest pick to make but Portland got it this year barring disaster. The same crew is back along with foulin’ ass Greg Oden. He could be good for a small double double and get them a lil D in the paint which they sorely lack. Brandon Roy shows wisdom beyond his age on offense at least. He’s bound to be a 20+ 6 and 5 guy this year. Lamarcus Aldridge has the potential to be one of the best big men in the league this year too.


9. Los Angeles Clippers: The Clips will make a run at the playoffs but they’ll miss by a game or so to Portland. They got a lot of names on their starting 5 but they lack solid depth in all areas outside of Tim Thomas. Either way I’ll look forward to Baron shittin’ on fools.

10. Denver Clippers: Impoverished leadership, loaded egos, and uninspired play will get in the way of them getting into the playoffs. It’ll be close and Nene is looking good in preseason. However I think Portland wants it way more than these guys. George Karl will be cleaning out his desk when the season’s over.

11. Golden State Warriors: They’re out of the playoff picture due to losing Baron the clips and Monta Ellis until December for doing hoodrat stuff with his friend.

“I yanked the uhh…I yanked the thang.” (c) Latarian (no Tony Romo)

In all seriousness they’ll have difficulty on both ends of the court until Monta Ellis. Then they’ll still have typical problems on D once he returns. Changing his role to a PG will be tricky either way and they don’t have time to experiment in an already tough conference.

12. Sacremento Kings: Reggie Theus deserves better but sometimes you gotta play with what your dealt: for 82 games that is. It’ll be a long season with a severe lack of talent now that Bibby and Artest are gone. At least they have a cat on the roster named Bobby Brown. That’s pretty funny.

13. Memphis Grizzlies: OJ Mayo has been ballin’ in preseason but lets be real. The Grizzlies are still in development. When Antoine Walker is the best player on your team (in this day and age) you’re not going anywhere but to the lottery.

14. Minnesota Timberwolves: It’s even colder in Minnesota than it is in the D. I really don’t see anything to shout for with this squad besides Randy Foye getting on some highlight reels.

Oh Corey's smiling because he's thinking about that check.

Oh Corey's smilin' because he's thinking about that check.

15. Oklahoma City Thunder: The only thing uglier than their jersey’s will be their record at the end of the year. Durant will do a lil’ ballin’ here and there along with Pete Rock look a like Jeff Green but that’s about it.

Pete Rock Jr. in that nasty ass uniform. Pic from AP

Pete Rock Jr. in that nasty ass uniform. Pic from AP

Driving the point home that dude looks like Pete Rock. I mean this site DOES talk about music too.

Well that’s it. I hope you guys enjoyed it because I spent WAY too much time doing these posts. Hopefully this season is gonna be good.

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2 Responses to “Fakehustle’s NBA Regular Season Preview Part 2: The Western Conference”

  1. 1 Fam Julz October 30, 2008 at 12:30 pm

    Lakers’ talent is head over heels above every other team HOWEVER their HEART will be tested. I do not see a team on the west that I can say can beat a healthy Laker team… their problems will come against a physical, gritty team (for some reason Philly is coming to mind).

    Bynum needs to play with a mean streak… if he does, then the Lakers will win the NBA Championship.

  1. 1 NBA on TNT: West Coast Doubleheader Tonight « Trackback on October 30, 2008 at 2:08 pm

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