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This Could’ve Been A Better Week Tech-Wise

Yup, my 360 died on me and that’s arguably not the worst of it.

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Delonte West: XXL’s Missing Freshman

Some may think I’m being sarcastic with that title but hear me out. Here’s why Delonte West, starting guard for the Cleveland Cavaliers, succeeds as a rapper/entertainer. Continue reading ‘Delonte West: XXL’s Missing Freshman’

September 4th, 199X

I Love The 90s

I usually don’t talk about my life on here because in all honesty it’s not that interesting. But today was kind of odd. I could’ve sworn I went back at least 10 years with Doc Brown. It was an interesting array of events along with a soundtrack to match. Here it goes.

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Thoughts on NBA Free Agency And Summer Trades (So Far…)

Cavaliers Shaq

I’ve seen some suprising and groan inducing deals in my day. Still, this past week and a half has been rife with such moves. I’m not going to talk about every last trade and signing because, well, I just don’t want to. Instead I’ll talk about the ones that, to me, had the most impact.

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Yall Are Some Pervs (Jokes)…


Click to enlarge so you can actually see what online malarky went down on google

I don’t like to talk about hits or BS gossip but I thought this was funny. No one was checking for Cassie until the titties was out (c) Nas. They say assuming makes an ass out of you and me. Still it isn’t far fetched to say some internet scavengers expected to peep them B cups. Then they saw her wavy hair, got on some “screw this BS,” and left mad as hell.

Now I wonder how live it would’ve been if I had a post about Rihanna before Friday…

Patrick Ewing Sighting!

I just finished half of my term paper so I’m calling it a night on the schoolwork.

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F My Life…


…is a funny ass website.

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