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Now That’s How You Crash A Housewarming Party!

Giants Cowboys Football

Mario Manningham>Terence Newman

It’s been a minutes since I rapped about football. But wow, that game last night was great! The Giants pissed me off with their red zone issues but they did enough to win. Besides it would’ve been shitty to lose as Romo had 3 interceptions. Eli did alright but the real star of the game was SUPER Mario

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Lil Wayne X Pharrell – Ay Man



Awkward posts like these remind me that I REALLY need to get photoshop on my laptop. I haven’t heard it yet but I’m sure some of yall will enjoy it just because of who’s on it. In other totally unrelated news I’m not that hype to watch the Superbowl later haha. Enough ramblin, here’s the link.

Lil Wayne X Pharrell – Ay Man

Link courtesy of illroots

So Chonky n’ em Lost

Dolphins Eagles Football

A lifetime's supply of Campbell's Chunky Soup won't get you a W in the NFC title game.

Well at least the Eagles won’t go to the Superbowl now. But yo, the Cardinals are in? Are you serious? Ehh whatever. I’ll keep it to the scoreboard for the Steelers-Ravens game since I hate watchin the Ravens haha. Watch the final score be 10-7 or some BS.

PS: I don’t like DeSean Jackson.

The New York Failures

Eagles Giants Football

These cats got their ass handed to them. I’m just mad because I can’t stand to see Philly fans happy for anything. Whatever, at least they didn’t lose to the Cowboys. That would’ve made me extra tight.

I hate to be a sore loser but I’m really in a “screw football” mood right now haha.

I Don’t Know What to Make of This…

Elisha is gettin' too close to yo breezy ya dig?

Elisha is gettin' too close to yo breezy ya dig?

Most cats would be honored if Eli kicked game to their girl.

The Giants lost to a broke Vikings squad and I’m not the least bit upset. I guess clinching home field advantage throughout the playoffs has a lot to do with it. I don’t want to get big headed like the Pats’ and Cowboys’ fans last year so lemme shut up.

C’Mon Yall




Eli n’ em better clinch first place…

Some Quick Notes About Football

I haven’t written about the NFL in awhile so let’s get it. (c) Jeezy is for the children…

Brandon Jacobs Will Eat Ya Secondary
Brandon Jacobs Will Eat Ya Secondary…

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