Some quick thoughts about the NFL

Giants stay ending careers

Giants stay ending careers*

You’d think that I didn’t like sports at all from the way I’ve been posting recently. That’s not at all the case. Music stuff is just easier to write since at worst, you can drop a laink and keep it moving. Anyway on to recent happenings in the NFL

So Mike Nolan got fired. It’s not a surprise, the 9ers have been terrible for awhile. Their problems go beyond coaching issues so they got work to do either way. Mike Singletary is supposed to take his spot for now. Let’s see if he holds on to it.

I don’t like examining records so early in the season but some stuff has to be said. Why the hell is Tennessee still undefeated? I’m obviously hatin’ on them. I haven’t seen them play much. From what I can tell they basically beat a bunch of bums save for Jacksonville. Garrard n’ em should their act together come November since they’ve been looking really suspect: Same goes for the Colts.

Either way, November should be a good month for Giants fans. They finally playing relevant teams in Pittsburgh, Philly, and Dallas. Also what’s really good with the Thanksgiving Day game? I just checked it and it’s just a bunch of bums playing: Titans and Lions at 12:30 on CBS, Cowboys vs. Cardinals at 4:30 on Fox. and then some NFL network joint I don’t care much about. Whatever, I prolly won’t watch unless the wildcard race gets crazy in the NFC east again.

Speaking of Dallas, Dallas keeps losing and I am happy about that. Just wanted to share that with everybody.

*You know Aaron Ross ended Brett’s career in spirit haha.

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