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So Chonky n’ em Lost

Dolphins Eagles Football

A lifetime's supply of Campbell's Chunky Soup won't get you a W in the NFC title game.

Well at least the Eagles won’t go to the Superbowl now. But yo, the Cardinals are in? Are you serious? Ehh whatever. I’ll keep it to the scoreboard for the Steelers-Ravens game since I hate watchin the Ravens haha. Watch the final score be 10-7 or some BS.

PS: I don’t like DeSean Jackson.

The New York Failures

Eagles Giants Football

These cats got their ass handed to them. I’m just mad because I can’t stand to see Philly fans happy for anything. Whatever, at least they didn’t lose to the Cowboys. That would’ve made me extra tight.

I hate to be a sore loser but I’m really in a “screw football” mood right now haha.

C’Mon Yall




Eli n’ em better clinch first place…

Some Quick Notes About Football

I haven’t written about the NFL in awhile so let’s get it. (c) Jeezy is for the children…

Brandon Jacobs Will Eat Ya Secondary
Brandon Jacobs Will Eat Ya Secondary…

Continue reading ‘Some Quick Notes About Football’

Sarah Palin Responds To “Hard Hitting” Questions

I’m sorry but I had to post this. First seen at Just Blaze’s site. Make sure that you watch the whole thing.

Some quick thoughts about the NFL

Giants stay ending careers

Giants stay ending careers*

You’d think that I didn’t like sports at all from the way I’ve been posting recently. That’s not at all the case. Music stuff is just easier to write since at worst, you can drop a laink and keep it moving. Anyway on to recent happenings in the NFL Continue reading ‘Some quick thoughts about the NFL’

Giants VS Browns Tonight, Who’s Watchin?

NY Gz hope to stop NFC East tomfoolery with wack squads, Photo from NY Daily News

The NY G'z (Plaxico 'family emergency' Burress and Amani Toomer pictured) hope to stop NFC East tomfoolery with wack squads, Photo from NY Daily News

So the Giants are the only undefeated team in their division. That’s good news as a Giants fan (miss me with the bandwagon talk, I’ve been down with them since Phil Simms and Ottis Anderson.) However, they’ve played a bunch of bums save for Washington (and IMO they weren’t on point at that time anyway.) Continue reading ‘Giants VS Browns Tonight, Who’s Watchin?’


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