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Perfect Dark Called It: President an Obama Doppleganger

This is how you know you’re a geek. If you ever played Perfect Dark* on N64 you may remember that the President was black in that game. Well take a look at this.


I mean it sorta looks like Barack...


Take out that goatee and you got an Obama look a like stuntin’ like my President.  Other than that his suit looks kinda crusty compared to those exclusive Hartmarx suits Barack wears. Graphical limitations and goatee aside they look pretty similar (to me at least.) Hit the break for some gameplay.

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The Smoking Section Presents “Election Day Playlist”

Let's hope Barack pulls through tomorrow

Let's hope Barack and Biden pull through tomorrow...

I have to do at least one music related post today. Click here to check it out. I voted early so I won’t be in the long ass lines tomorrow. If you are voting you might as well click and download because you’ll be at the booths for a minute haha.

Sarah Palin Responds To “Hard Hitting” Questions

I’m sorry but I had to post this. First seen at Just Blaze’s site. Make sure that you watch the whole thing.


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