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Brushing Up On The Piano…

Many moons ago you could find the kid hammering away on some ivory keys over a tune he couldn’t give a care about. I knew I had musical talent growing up since playing piano wasn’t that difficult and the sax was even easier. But I never truly applied myself b/c other things (and distractions) were flat out more fun. Continue reading ‘Brushing Up On The Piano…’

Spot The Sample 3 – Robin Thicke’s “Meiplé” (Me I Play) Feat. Jay-Z

Robin Thicke Jay-Z Thizz Face

This flick never gets old.

I checked this song out on TSS over the weekend. Then I heard it in the car on Hot 97 yesterday. Then I realized someone upstairs must be sending me signs to do another Spot The Sample post. Either that or it’s just one eerie coincidence after the other.

Now that that’s out of the way, here goes the latest sample challenge. This is probably the easiest one considering I gave a clue on where you can find it. And with that I just made the search that much easier for you. My thoughts on the song? Jay-Z’s face in the pic pretty much sums it up although I do like how the vocal sample was used on the hook. All in all the song isn’t terrible but it’s just not for me I guess. Anyway, get ta huntin’!

Death of Autotune…Really Hov??

From vibe

From vibe

D.O.A. (Death Of Autotune) by Jay-Z

So Hov dropped the bomb (D.O.A. – Death of Autone) last Friday and cats have been buzzing nationwide. I like the song and I felt like something of this magnitude had to be done. As he explained on The Angie Martinez show Monday he’s not saying cats like T-Pain are wack. Instead, he’s challenging artists to try something new and innovative with their work: namely their melodies.

Still you have to wonder if Jay is as much of a threat as he was, say even five years ago, to people’s careers. A lot of heads make their daily bread on cranking the plugin up to 11. Plus it’s not like the radio and DJ’s have suddenly stopped playing Ron Browz’s and DJ Webstar’s records.

Continue reading ‘Death of Autotune…Really Hov??’

Remember This? Jay-Z – In My Lifetime (w/ Remix)

Apparently you guys like Hov all of a sudden. So if that’s what you want, ask and ye shall receive! Allow me to hit you up with some vintage Sean Carter in this post.

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Time in NY Part 2

Cam’ron – Welcome to New York City feat. Jay-Z and Juelz Santana

I think I shoulda started out the week with this song haha. Anyway I went to some more meetings, hit up Sirius, and got a tour of CNN. I’m still tired as hell but at least I’m done for the day.

Jay-Z: History (CDQ)

New Sean Carter

New Sean Carter

Link courtesy of onsmash, first seen at nahright. Mr. Kanye West is on the boards once again.

Hit the break for the link and a bonus video.

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About that Ron Artest call last night

Long story short it was BS. If that was ANYBODY ELSE they wouldn’t have given dude a T. It just shows that a bad reputation precedes you in life no matter what you do to fix it. The brawl happened FOUR YEARS AGO. He’s been straight for the most part since then. Let it go people.

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Oh She Bad: Beyonce x Single Ladies (Put a Ring On It) Music Video

Beyonce's new album "I Am...Sasha Fierce" drops November 18

Beyonce's New Album "I Am...Sasha Fierce" Drops November 18

No need for a backstory since she’s one of the biggest R&B/Pop stars out right now. Hit the jump for more pics and the video.

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Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt Documentary (Parts 4-6)

Here's the rest of the EPK

Check out the rest of the EPK...

Well it’s an EPK but it’s a documentary enough to me. Shout out to Cristian Dorin for uppin’ these parts. Now sit back and enjoy the vids. Check out parts 1-3 if you haven’t already. Check the vids after the break.

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Jay-Z: Reasonable Doubt Documentary (Parts 1-3)

Easily one of his best albums...

Easily one of his best albums...

I remember seeing the EPK for the album floating around the internet during the summer. I never got around to watching it until now so I looked for it. Alas, the EPK is down but I found the Reasonable Doubt Doc on Youtube.
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