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Goin’ Back Upstate…

Well it’s not that serious haha.

Thanksgiving break was great. Sorry I didn’t update much this week. I gotta go through hell week then it’s WINTER BREAK SON! I’ll be on that greyhound all day again. Hopefully it goes better than last time.

I Was Pleased to Hear This on Hot 97 today…

So I’m cruising around mad as hell because my bank closed. Then I heard this song and my backpacker radar started to go crazy. Remember when I expressed my affinity for this song? Well apparently this is old, but Jada hopped on the beat and did his own thing w/ some dude named Josh Xantus. Living in wack ass upstate NY leads you to miss out on stuff like this if you’re not online 24/7.

Josh Xantus – Lets Ride feat. Jadakiss

That Black Friday Booty

…get your mind out of the gutter. I know what you’re thinking.


Anyway you all know the drill about Black Friday so I won’t get into what it is. I’ll just make a list of what I copped today since I can’t think of anything else to write about. Here it goes.

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Oh that's a big boid

Oh that's a big boid...

Stay safe and enjoy this time with your family/loved ones and alladat. Now if you excuse me I will eat my fooooood. (c) Persia

Greyhound Gets the Gas Face

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

I’m not a fan of “Going Greyhound.” However I have to get home somehow and I don’t have a car. Therefore Greyhound is usually one of my few options to get back to civilization. Sure it gets me where I need to go but the journey isn’t always easy. Take yesterday for example.

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Street Fighter II HD Is Out

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Honestly I’m pretty tired of Street Fighter 2. Well that’s what I thought before I saw this video.

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Goin’ Home For The Break…

…so I won’t post anything today other than this picture.


I’m going going, back, back, to Jersey Jersey…

The Game – Red Magic feat. Lil Wayne


New joint from Dwayne and Jayceon. Shout out to TC at TSS for the link.

The Game – Red Magic feat. Lil Wayne

Remember This? Black Moon – Buck Em Down (Music Video)

My backpack is on right now. I like the OG version off the album too. Ahhh what the hell. I got the link after the break.

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6th Sense and Wildabeast Are…Both Nice – What Kinda


More new stuff from the duo. Grab the link after the break.

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