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The NBA x Newark: Enjoy it While You Can

Nets Game 10-21-09 051

I decided to see the Nets’ last preseason game against the Knicks at The Rock. The tickets were only ten bucks so I came through with my lil’ homey from Rutgers.

So, do the Nets fit in well with Newark? Continue reading ‘The NBA x Newark: Enjoy it While You Can’

Because Putting The Nets In Newark Makes Too Much Sense…

Prudential Center

I checked out the Nets pre season game against the Celtics last night. The Nets lost a game they should’ve won but that’s not the point. Instead, it seems like their new owner has the game locked up as far as moving the squad to Brooklyn. I can go on about how it’s a dumb move in more ways than one but think about this. Why not just play in Newark? Continue reading ‘Because Putting The Nets In Newark Makes Too Much Sense…’

So I saw this on the other day…

…and I had to save it.


Click to see a larger version of the flick.

I know, it’s too early to say anything about MVP and Devin Harris is quite a long shot for it to say the least.

Continue reading ‘So I saw this on the other day…’

Quick Recap of Nets Vs. Raptors recap of last night’s game…

Nets 129-Raptors 127

Some quick notes about the game.

Continue reading ‘Quick Recap of Nets Vs. Raptors’

NBA TV Top 10: November 18

In other news I think I ruined Devin Harris’s streak. He still dropped 23 though.

Devin Harris Has Been BALLIN’ Son

I knoowwwwww youuuu seeeeeiiiiiiit (c) Young Joc


Devin Harris, pictured, sayin' BYAHHHHH about to yam the hell out of the ball

Devin Harris, pictured, sayin BYAHHH as he's about to yam

 Devin Harris is probably playing better than your favorite point guard right now. I know, I know, it’s early in the season and the Nets are 4-5. But this is my page and I’m gonna talk reckless if I want to haha.

Continue reading ‘Devin Harris Has Been BALLIN’ Son’

Congrats to the Knicks (for now)…

Not only did they drain 19 3’s, they’re above 500 right now. I guess D’Antoni Ball is working for them. In other news the Nets still aggravate the hell out of me. Oh well it’s still early in the season. With that said I can tell Rod Thorn isn’t trying to win games any time soon with these wack deals he pulled off this summer.

Devin Harris Gets Shook By Some Cat From Britain, I SMH As A Nets Fan

This guy had the nerve to cross up Devin Harris on some through-the-leg- this-was-the-hot-move-in-’02-type crossover BS and lay it in. The worst part is he did it in jeans and a sweater while Devin at least looks like he’s about to play ball.

Continue reading ‘Devin Harris Gets Shook By Some Cat From Britain, I SMH As A Nets Fan’

So the Nets Won Yesterday…

Devin Harris was straight ballin

Devin Harris was straight ballin'

Nets edge out Miami Heat in 0T 100-98 in preseason ball

Some Box scores and notes… Continue reading ‘So the Nets Won Yesterday…’


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