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McNuggets Love

I have this long running joke about how McDonald’s has separate commercials for black and white people. They’ve been at this for YEARS but it’s always funny to see the differences between the two.

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My NBA 2K9 Review is Up on The Smoking Section


Check it out. Oh yeah Gotty if you’re reading this I’ll gladly take more free games sir haha.

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Hmm…PS3 This Holiday Season?

Steaks They Sizzle

Steaks They Sizzle...

Old ass joke, but It’d be kinda dope if it could do that and play games haha.

I don’t want to sit here and whine so I’ll make this short.

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So that New Xbox Experience Dropped…

…and I like it so far. Everything loads quicker and it isn’t to hard to get used to it.

new-xbox-experienceYou may recall that I wrote about it last month.

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