Problems with PCs and Macs

I’ll try to keep this from sounding too whiny. Notice how I said I’ll try haha. Of course I realize that computers are bound to mess up every once in awhile. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get mad about it, especially when you’re doing something important. Now, let’s get it (c) Young Jeezy.

"This Sh*t Here" (c) Kat Williams

First, starting off with PCs, when I got protected with ad/spyware blockers like spybot, ad aware, and Zone Alarm, XP was straight as an OS. I did have one really bad infection a year after I got the comp. After that things were straight once I learned more about what programs were most effective in preventing those things from happening. Of course that’s not to make up for the fact that my PC pretty much gave me the gas face and didn’t work for almost a week. The fact of the matter is I shouldn’t have to add those programs to keep my comp safe but such is life. While on a PC either you surf smart or get your rig messed up.

Then I got this laptop (Dell XPS 1530) w/ Vista. Let’s just say I’m not a fan of Vista outside of Windows Media Center streaming through my 360. At first it would always try to download something when I shut down then have the nerve to restart. Add that to the fact that my laptop acts up (Nvidia shipped faulty GPU’s in this model–> I wasn’t a smart shopper–>led me to get got) when I either try to play a game or even just let it sit sometimes. It’ll get really hot and I’ll hear the GPU just flick off with a small *pew* noise. I know I should get it fixed but I need it for school. I tried to get it handled when I was off but Dell’s Customer Service is so amazing that I couldn’t even file an order. I ran out of time and patience before I got back. So that’s gonna have to wait until winter break. Not to mention vista likes to stall and freeze sometimes despite sitting on 4 GBs of ram. It’s not like I’m running it ragged. The main programs that I always have running on this laptop are Firefox, AIM, and itunes.

Screw an Apple commercial when it doesn't work like dude says it does

Then there are Macs. I’m often told that “they just work” and “you get what you pay for” but I have my issues with them as well. I remember Macs freezing and crashing on me since my high school had iMacs in the lab. The problems don’t end there.

More recently I’ve been working with programs that tend to hog resources like Photoshop, Protools, Quark, and Final Cut Pro. I’ve had cases where each program caused the mac I’m working on to crash, even while doing important assignments. Basically if I didn’t save them to the HDD or USB flash drive I would have been assed out. I even had a case where Final Cut had a save error on my project and I had to edit the whole damn thing over again. Hell, I was on ProTools today at my school’s studio and the Mac crashed on me while I was just messin’ around WITH ONLY ONE TRACK LAID. Mind you, these instances happened on Power Mac G5’s, G4’s, and iMac G5’s. Hell I even have recurring issues with the iMac G5’s crashing and freezing in the lab when I use Firefox (i use it for the plugins plus I’ve been riding with Firefox for years.)

Maybe I have the worst luck ever with Macs but this shouldn’t be happening on such expensive hardware.

...and both of you are a pain to use sometimes

...and both of you are a pain to use sometimes

At this point I just use whatever I’m given. So yeah, Macs and PCs get the gas face.

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