What a Neckbeard

This is what I look like right now...
This is what I look like right now…

My Winter Break has been kind of crazy so far. I hit up my alma mater (Rutgers whatup haha), I went to Manhattan for about a week, and most recently I had a good Christmas. With all that said, I’m most ashamed of being a full time bum recently…

I rarely buy new games .The last joint I copped was GTA 4 back in May. Well I got NBA 2k9 since then but that was for free and on assignment (whatup TSS haha.) Anyway I bought 3 games within the past 2 weeks and rented 2 off gamefly before that which is pretty awful by my standards. My metaphysical neckbeard has grown to new lengths. Oh and for those that don’t know, a neckbeard is a geek that plays games way too much, even beyond geek standards. I think it started of ass a joke about World of Warcraft herbs. Anyway, the games I’ve bought have been cool so far; the rented games have been mixed bags. Well here it goes.


I felt so ashamed when I realized I wanted this. I gave the demo another shot and I really got into it. Then it was on sale at amazon for $26 so I hopped on it: haven’t looked back since. The driving is kinda broke but making vehicles is too fun (and deceptively time consuming.) Yup I’m a grown ass man and I like this game. Deal with it, I’m doing fine (I’m lying.)

battlefield-bad-companyThis just came in yesterday. It’s a nice change of pace from all the other shooters I’ve played since you don’t win by getting the most kills. I doubt I’ll mess with the campaign because the multiplayer is too fun so far. Plus the shottie in this game is amazing. More people need to get on this joint cause it’s pretty fun (and cheap too.) I scooped it on ebay for $23 so get ta biddin’.


I kinda dogged this game when I had the beta. I copped it off of that $35 deal at best buy yesterday and it’s been pretty fun so far. The multiplayer still has that  “just one more game” appeal to it. I had a lil’ bit of trouble putting it down last night. Also having a co op campaign is a nice touch as well. COD 4 shoulda had that. I’d like to finally get around to getting COD 4 to make the cipher complete. That way I could be a true neckbeard and alternate the two. Plus I don’t feel right droppin’ $40 on a used copy of a year old game. That ain’t happenin patna. Yo Floyd what’s good with that free copy? Haha.

Games I Rented


I beat this one earlier this week. I sent it back as soon as I got through with it. It’s a fun game but there’s nothing to go back to (that i’d bother with) once it’s done. It’s also pretty easy so you’ll run through it like freshman floosies on labor day. I say that because I am quite experienced in such activities (I’m not.)


Derrick’s most favoritest game in the whole wide world…is broke as hell. Don’t get me wrong, horde and HAMMEROFDAWNLOOKOUT!!! are pretty fun (and hilarious.) But that matchmaker is beyond broke. It’s got some pretty terrible glitches like…

it’s a big deal to us neckbeards since you’re only supposed to hold a broke ass pistol with that shield. Any other weapon with that shield makes you pretty much unstoppable. Not to mention the chainsaw is cheap  and the shotgun is broke. Yeah this game needed to holla at a patch since yesterday. To be fair I haven’t tried the campaign yet so I’ll entertain any offers to co op it up.

The gamertag is FNF 115. I am not a Lupe stan. Hit me up.

3 Responses to “What a Neckbeard”

  1. 1 Derrick December 28, 2008 at 4:23 am

    Gears 2 is my favorite game in the world? Did you forget the 2 months of Fallout 3 that I played.Well that, and the countless times that I was playing Call Of Duty 4.

  2. 2 fakehustle December 28, 2008 at 5:51 pm

    Yeah you were geekin’ on that fallout and call of duty. Either way you love that Gears 2. You’re still a neckbeard though haha.

  1. 1 Speaking of Neckbeards… « Trackback on December 29, 2008 at 3:03 pm

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