Hmm…PS3 This Holiday Season?

Steaks They Sizzle

Steaks They Sizzle...

Old ass joke, but It’d be kinda dope if it could do that and play games haha.

I don’t want to sit here and whine so I’ll make this short.

I know, I heard the whole “but you get so much for $400” argument to death. Fact of the matter is it still costs 4 bills. You figure somebody would pull a Black Friday deal for it but I haven’t seen any markdowns or considerable deals anywhere. I don’t have access to an HDTV for most of the year so getting it for Blu Ray wouldn’t make sense now. The thing is there are games that I want to play on it (MLB ’08, MGS 4, Resistance 2, Uncharted, Wipeout HD, some downloadable joints, etc.) At any rate, If I do cop one it’ll be through ebay b/c Sony is wildin’ right now. I’d rather buy my electronics new but that’s what I get for being cheap.

It doesn’t help that NXE dropped and I feel like it breathed new life into my 360. Plus most, if not all, of my friends that I play online with mainly stick with 360. So I’m lookin’ at a very short friends list on my pstriple either way if I do get one. I like multiplayer gaming in general (online and off) and less people around me at least are messing with Sony.

I’m not trying to make this into a big deal or anything but the point of the matter is this: Sony, (or somebody selling it online) gets my money for 3 bills. It’ll be hard to drop that money but I’ll do it. Or I might say screw it and put that money towards something else. More on that later…


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