Oh She Bad: Dania Ramirez

Dania Ramirez

Yes that’s the first pic of her on google. So what? (Heroes season 2 and 3 spoilers ahead!!)

ANYWAY, I caught wind of this fine woman while watching Season 2 (disappointing by the way) of Heroes.

She played the role of Maya, a “gifted” individual from the Dominican Republic who hopped the border for a cure in NY. I was a fan of her looks moreso than her ability: she’d bug out under distress, have her eyes turn black, cry and somehow kill almost everyone in the area. She was bad even when she was all sweaty running for the border most of the time. Unfortunately she lost her accent, or at least it went in and out, in season 3. At least she dropped her power.

(End Spoilers)

dania ramirez 2

Enough Heroes nonsense. Still though I knew I saw her in another work before I watched Season 2. Turns out she was in She Hate Me, a little known Spike Lee flick about this whistleblower who impregnates mad females: mostly lesbians. It’s kinda funny looking back on it because I had no idea the film would be that heavy. I just saw it on the TV scheduled and it listed Spike Lee as the director so I had to check it out. Dania, to my recollection, played for the other team in that flick and that hurt my heart. Thank goodness movies are just make believe.

dania ramirez 3

More on her badness, she has an athletic-type frame but it’s not too OD like Venus Williams (thank God). She also goes against the grain and doesn’t have much of a booty (popular opinion says most women from DR have such.) It doesn’t bother me any though. She appears to be quite dignified despite having some controversial roles which is a plus.

Dania Ramirez 4

From what I can tell she likes dudes in real life so that’s a relief. Anyway she’s actually from DR and was in Streets is Watching (link to full movie provided by World Star Hip Hop unfortunately) according to Wikipedia. I definitely don’t remember seeing her in that flick but I’ll run it back later. She also played Callist0 in X men 3. She’s been on the rise for a minute so I’m looking forward to seeing her face (and Bawdy) on screen. Enjoy the gallery for now.

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