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Anybody like Midnight Club LA?


I know I geeked out on Burnout yesterday. With that said I always wanted to try this game.

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Despite The BS, I’m Enjoying Burnout Paradise Way Too Much


Here’s the scenario. I have a term paper due next week, a project due later in March, and another term paper due after that. You’d think I’d buckle down and get that shit dealt with right?

Not with this crack-in-a-disc game called Burnout Paradise.

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Electric Powered Vehicles that don’t look horrible

Well they may look kinda funky, but it’s not like you’ll be riding in some Yaris-looking monstrosity.

Pic From

Pic From

This is Electric Motorsports Electric GPR-S Motorbike. It takes 4 hours to charge the battery and 1.5 for a “speed charge.”

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