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Michael Jordan

So it’s all over. I finished my final this morning and I’m going to walk this Sunday. This is crazy. No more school for the rest of my life. And to think I’m getting an MA? Are you serious? Yo I’m trying my best not to get gassed right now haha. I’m sure the job market will do a good job of that.

In the meantime I’ll post some stuff other the weekend. I just thought I’d update everyone on my day-to-day since like 2 people care. That means a lot though no Bob McAdoo. I probably won’t watch ball now since Cleveland is killing Atlanta. I just saw this report and I guess that explains why Atlanta is gettin’ whupped right now. Anyway, sounds like some team fortress 2 is in order…

My Apologies…


(Side note: I hate pets, and I’d usually rant about how I’d drop kick a puppy of this size. But who could say no to this dog?)

Anyway this week has been really busy and I neglected my page. The upcoming week is going to be even worse but things should straighten out after that. In the meantime I have to figure out how I’m gonna study for my finals, watch Game 7 between the Bulls and the Celtics, and watch the Pacquiao/Hatton fight. Yeah, I don’t think that’s gonna end up well. Oh yeah, Paul Pierce will NEVER live this down…

“The Truth” of the matter suggests Paul Pierce exhibits fake hustle on this play and pays terribly for it.

Going home for Spring Break!

…and I’m not using Greyhound!


You can catch me on that megabus girl OH YEAH!!!

I don’t know why I’m so excited to go home for break but I am! I can’t stop making sentences with exclamation points! Look!

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New Things Goin’ On’ Here…


I’ve noticed that the quality of my posts have been REALLY inconsistent. For instance, I’ll do a post that tells a little about myself and my interests, then I’ll do like 20 straight music posts with one or two posts about sports or something else unrelated. Basically I don’t think things are as focused on here as I originally intended. I’m open to suggestions, plus I’m open to do interviews! Artists, especially indie artists, HIT ME UP ON THAT GMAIL! If I like you’r music we can work something out.

I’ve also thought about not posting every single day. It’s not that I can’t do it. It’s just that it fills the page up with mad clutter and fluff. So yeah, hit up the comments section and tell me what you think. I want to make this place better so hit me up just as long as you’re not a dickhead about it.


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