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Greyhound Gets the Gas Face

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

I’m not a fan of “Going Greyhound.” However I have to get home somehow and I don’t have a car. Therefore Greyhound is usually one of my few options to get back to civilization. Sure it gets me where I need to go but the journey isn’t always easy. Take yesterday for example.

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LEAKED!! Circuit City Black Friday Deals

Oh Circuit City got that good gushy gushy November 28th…

You goin' out of business ha?! (c) Juvenile

You goin' out of business HA?! (c) Juvey

In all seriousness it sucks that people are gonna lose their jobs. With that out of the way I got the full list of deals after the break. There are some gems in there but too bad there are no sales on that pstriple. Ebay’s always an option I suppose. Shout out to Gotty at TSS for the laink. Oh it’s gonna be on an poppin’ two weeks from now haha.

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Brandon Roy is a Baller Baller

I knoooowwww you seeeiiiiiit!! (c) Yung Joc

The thing I like about Roy is that his game is quite unique for someone his age. He’s 24 but he plays like he’s been in the league for a minute. This shot is crazy.  That’s the best look anybody will get with .8 left well beyond the arch. Also notice how he left T-Mac lookin’ stupid on the inbound haha.

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Free AT&T Wifi Hotspot Access for iPhones now, Blackberries later this year

Only thing is that I don't know where any AT&T hotspots are...

I just saw this over at engadget and Gizmodo. I don’t have either of these since I’m not a baller but that should change in ’09.

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Problems with PCs and Macs

I’ll try to keep this from sounding too whiny. Notice how I said I’ll try haha. Of course I realize that computers are bound to mess up every once in awhile. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t get mad about it, especially when you’re doing something important. Now, let’s get it (c) Young Jeezy.

"This Sh*t Here" (c) Kat Williams

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Apple Reveals New MacBooks, Way Out of My Price Range

…and that price range is anywhere from Monopoly money to $broke.99 in case you were wondering.

Mac Book Pro pic from Engadget
Mac Book Pro pic from Engadget

From what I can tell it comes in 3 configs. Continue reading ‘Apple Reveals New MacBooks, Way Out of My Price Range’


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