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Because Putting The Nets In Newark Makes Too Much Sense…

Prudential Center

I checked out the Nets pre season game against the Celtics last night. The Nets lost a game they should’ve won but that’s not the point. Instead, it seems like their new owner has the game locked up as far as moving the squad to Brooklyn. I can go on about how it’s a dumb move in more ways than one but think about this. Why not just play in Newark? Continue reading ‘Because Putting The Nets In Newark Makes Too Much Sense…’


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Part 1

Part 2

I mean of course you saw the speech earlier today. This is just something to keep your attention at your leisure. I’m still kind of in disbelief about the whole thing. I was really mad earlier since I decided not to go but I calmed down haha. This should be an interesting 4 years comin’ up to say the least. I’m looking forward to it!

Road to the Inauguration (Not So Much?)

So as of now, the inauguration? Yeah I’ll be late faddat (c) Kanye West

Let's hope Barack pulls through tomorrow

My President is Black, My (imaginary) Lambo Is Blue...

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Barack Wins!! WE MAAAADE IT!!! (c) Ghostface


I am SO hype right now hahaha. I’m never going to forget this night. I thought I’d NEVER see this in my lifetime.

Ok now the tough part begins my dude. Go make us proud!

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Well Today’s The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For…


It all comes down to this...

I already voted via absentee ballot so I won’t be in line. However I’ll be tight as all hell if the Electoral College messes this up. I’ve never been so excited yet antsy for an election.

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The Smoking Section Presents “Election Day Playlist”

Let's hope Barack pulls through tomorrow

Let's hope Barack and Biden pull through tomorrow...

I have to do at least one music related post today. Click here to check it out. I voted early so I won’t be in the long ass lines tomorrow. If you are voting you might as well click and download because you’ll be at the booths for a minute haha.

A part of the Midwest that you don’t see on TV

This joint is crazy. I wanna give a shout out (c) Sarah Palin haha, to LC Weber at TSS for writing about this.

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