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Simpin’ Ain’t Easy

I love how they spelled simpin’ haha. We must not be on the same page.

Apparently “Sympin” is a cool way to get girls, and “simpin'” is acting like a chump to get a girls attention. I just know that “simpin'” ain’t cool. Don’t do that fellas.

I’m Coming Home Again…

I’m headin’ home for Winter Break today.I’m gonna be on that Greyhound again on the way back to Jerz. This’ll probably be the only post of the day so enjoy it.

Come to think of it, I like the original version better from about ’03. I’ll do some diggin’ when I get back to find the mp3. This is gonna have to do for now.

Guilty Pleasures: Trashy R&B


When I wasn’t going crazy studying for my final, writing term papers, and doing my project, you could find me jammin’ to some old R&B. I’m not talkin’ Marvin Gaye/Stevie Wonder old. I mean 702/Public Announcement/Teddy Riley-ish old.

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Drake – Little Bit (Remix)


This is off of his upcoming mixtape called So Far So Gone. Shout out to onsmash for the link. Get it after the break

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Remember This? Timbaland and Magoo – Up Jumps Tha Boogie feat. Missy Elliot and Aaliyah

This was my joint when I was like 11 years old. I used to be a big fan of Timbo’s production. Nowadays he’s in a different lane to say the least. He’s gettin his but I prefer his old stuff. Shoot after I finish my work I’m gonna run Welcome to Our World back haha.

Kanye West: Amazing feat. Young Jeezy

Apparently this is on that 808s and Heartbreak...

Apparently this is on that 808s and Heartbreak...

Hurry up and listen before it’s gone. IMO It’s not on “Can’t Tell Me Nothing’s” level but it’s not terrible. Hit the jump for the link that I stole from Heather. I stay jackin’ her page for songs haha. Mama I’m so sorry (c) Clipse. According to h.e.r. 808’s and Heartbreak drops November 24.

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Nina Sky: On Some BullSh*t

Oh yall still bad HA?! (c) Juvenile

Oh yall still bad HA?! (c) Juvenile

I jacked this from her cause that’s what I do haha. Nah but thanks for the laink. Hit the break to check it out. This post reminded me that I’m long overdue for another Oh She Bad entry. I just gotta figure out who I should write about next time. Any suggestions?

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