How Forza 4 Can Be More Than A Standard Sequel

2011 may be a bit early for Forza 4 considering how Forza 3 isn’t an “old” game yet. Nevertheless I welcome it with open arms considering the strides Turn 10 made to make Forza 3 a great racing game. It wasn’t a straight up racing sim. More importantly, it was enjoyable and accessible even with its downsides. Additionally, it’s not like the 360 has a gang of exclusives for next fall especially considering how I’m looking forward to PStriples crazy lineup.

At any rate I’m hoping the devs learned from F3 ao they can make 4za 4 (yep I did it) leaps and bounds better than it’s predecessors.

Stop AWD Dominance

AWD rides ran Forza 3 ragged online and off. Understandably so, some cars perform better on certain tracks with AWD drivetrains. But that shouldn’t be the case across the board: especially on tracks featuring long straightaways. Asking to drop “leaderboard cars” is a bit much since every racing game w/ customizable upgrades has them. But the AWD nonsense has to stop.

More Cars On The Grid

I’m getting tired of racing games only featuring 8 cars on a track. Some tracks call for low grids. However, courses like Silverstone, Suzuka and the like are known to pack 20+ vehicles per race. Obviously the 360 can’t process all those cars. However, hitting 16 cars max for those races and a lofty 20 for ovals would make the races feel, well, more like races.

Better AI

Your whip could consistently smash the competition on hard with the right setup in previous Forza games. It’s difficult to account for so many configurations but it’s not thrilling to match up against cars that, while in your class, still don’t match up well to yours. The trick here would be to incorporate improved competition w/o incorporate cheap catchup AI schemes. At any rate, something needs to be done as we shouldn’t have to dumb down our best rides just to keep races close.


It’s been long time like Sam Cooke since the days of Rallisport Challenge. Forza 4 should have traditional rally races w/ long stages as well as rally cross and hill climb just to mix things up. I don’t follow the WRC that closely but including their license would be a nice touch.

Open Wheel/F1 racing

F1 2010’s licensing deal might ruin the chance of seeing F1 in Forza 4. But it’d be great to finally play some open wheel races in current day or classic F1 cars. Ehh, I’ll take Indy if that’s all they can muster. But open wheel racing would add another much needed direction to Forza’s career mode as well as in multiplayer.

Kinect Support That Actually Matters

Go deeper than implementing gimmicky mini games, head tracking and a snazzy way to inspect cars. How about enabling it to scan our drawings then import them as vinyl decals for cars? Or, like I’ve seen someone on Forzamotorsport’s official site suggest, let us draw tracks, scan them and edit new tracks from there? People need to think outside the box when it comes to new tech. Kinect ought to do more than appeal to the lowest common denominator.

Better Online Set Up

Speaking of online multiplayer, Forza 3’s online play was functional at best. Turn 10 should look at what they did with the hoppers and used them for ranked races only. Then they should let a custom lobbies search be utilized for unranked games. That way people can’t cheese for credits and get their custom lobbies all the same. They should bring back Forza TV, daily/weekly online tournaments, and car clubs as well. New online features like online league support would be unprecedented and give F4 it’s own flavor.

Night Day/Weather Cycles

This is a major if since I don’t know if DVDs are large enough to handle it. But I’m tired of driving under clear conditions all the damn time. Turn 10 should mix it up similar to how PGR 4 did it w/ variable effects like driving through everything from light rain and flurries to storms and blizzards. As a matter of fact it’d be great if they could use what Bizzarre learned in creating their own weather and day/night cycle.

New and Old Tracks (With More Point to Point races)

Forza 1 had some great tracks in Pacific Shipyard, the alt. NY track and Blue Mountain that didn’t get any shine in subsequent releases. All of these circuits/point to point races should return along with new real life and original tracks like Spa, Monte Carlo and some city tracks outside of NY for diversity sake. I’d also like to see what Turn 10 can come with in terms of making rally X and on/off road point to point races.

Forza 3 was a great game but it had some pretty egregious flaws after awhile. F4 doesn’t have to be the same as long as they utilize some of these features. It’ll be interesting to see what T10 and MS come up with when the game drops next fall. Until then I’ll be patiently waiting to see how the game will shape up as the new year approaches.

2 Responses to “How Forza 4 Can Be More Than A Standard Sequel”

  1. 1 Dylan February 9, 2011 at 5:53 pm

    They need to stop having so many configs, and have more environments. GT5 has more environments, and less configs, and they still found a way to pack over 1000 cars in that game.

  2. 2 onitsuka tiger March 19, 2011 at 1:48 am

    what a beautiful roadster~!

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