If I Had The POWER To Change Windows Phone 7…

I’m standing at a crossorads of sorts. My contract with AT&T is long over and it’s new phone season. I was going to hop on an EVO but Amazon, my retailer of choice, ran out of stock on Black Friday. Lately I’ve played w/ the idea of copping a Windows Phone. But it’s infant stage makes it unappealing. So now It’s a toss up between the Captivate, iPhone (cheaper for me to stay w/ AT&T), the EVO, and Droid X/Incredible (I’m also TIRED of AT&T.)

With that in mind there’s rooms for improvement for the platform and I’m sure Microsoft will roll them out as it matures. At any rate here are some improvements/changes I’d love to see for the OS. The cellular world shouldn’t just be iOS, Blackberry OS, and Android going at it. Competition makes for better products and we’re in a cool era of mobile phone innovation. So without further fluff here’s what I’d like to see in Windows Phone 7 updates.

1. Multitasking

I’d like to say this request list isn’t in any particular order but this omission makes it a bold faced lie. MS said it’s coming but it’s a huge oversight: especially considering how 6.5, Android and even the iPhone has it’s own understanding of running multiple apps at once.

2. Flash support

The sooner flash gets to Phone 7 the better. Most of the net is still based on Flash so it’s puzzling to see MS omit it in 7’s initial release; especially considering how 6.5 had it.

3. Netflix/Hulu support

Netflix is on the way but it’s taking its sweet time. But Hulu could simply run in the browser if not for licensing issues and it’s current lack of flash. Hopefully they’ll make an app for that down the line.

4. Better XBL integration

XBLA is one of my favorite things about 360 so it’s off putting to see WP7’s meager launch offerings. The game library is pretty paltry as it stands, there’s no cross platform support yet, and real time multiplayer is absent. I’m not expecting the OS to run huge games like Battlefield 1943. With that said XBL on WP7 needs to roll the aforementioned features out to games that fit like platformers,

5. more options for apps layout

Tiles are a nice touch and give the phone a unique UI. But the apps layout is pretty garbage for my tastes. Users ought to have a choice between the original single column presntation, a grid and/or the ability to group similar apps into folders.

6. cut, copy & paste

Yet another feature that’s on its way but should’ve been there from the start.

7. Bing Maps navigation in all phones

This is a weird omission since Android has turn by turn and public transportation navigation. This could be really great to use along with multitasking on the road.

8. Wifi/Bluetooth file transfer

You shouldn’t have to be tethered to your phone just to copy files from your desk/laptop. Neither iOS nor Android offer this feature out the box to my knowledge. Therefore this could’ve been a huge feature for power users. Still they might as well work on it for their next update.

Well that’s all I can think of. Now I have to evaluate my cell phone future with either AT&T or Sprint. Money constraints suggest I’ll be stuck with AT&T for another two years but I’ll try to make Cyber Monday work for me.


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