Changes I’d Like To See in Halo Reach

What?! I’m writing on my neglected wordpress account? Yup I got the feelin’ to post some geeky nonsense as I watch football. And speaking of football, Cablevision is on their BS as usual with Fox but lemme stop before I go on a rant.

Anyway I’ve found myself enjoying Halo Reach more than I think I should. Bad Company 2 is still my favorite shooter of the year. But I used to be a relatively unimpressed with most of the Halo games. Reach looks like the same ‘ol on the surface but it’s really not. In fact it’s the best game in the series by far in my eyes. Still it’s not “perfect” like many things in life.

That is to say there are some things I’d like to alter if I had all that power. Moreover there are some things I’d like to see Bungie add to support the game post launch. However let’s start with the changes.

What’s REALLY GOOD with the shields?

One of my biggest gripes with Halo is the fact that the shields are a tad overpowered. Of course taking them off totally kills the “Halo experience” somewhat. And let’s face it, SWAT ain’t that great when you’re getting spawn killed repeatedly.

My proposal to change this would involve weakening the shields in a way that you’re better rewarded for getting the drop on somebody. It’s annoying as hell to shoot at a hapless victim repeatedly only for them to find a nook to fight another day.* Shields should be weaker when you’re shooting someone from the back. For instance, It’d be great if three DMR shots, instead of four, on a fully shielded enemy from behind would pop their shield. Of course these means you’d have to rebalance the other weapons to account for the change. But you see where I’m going with this.

Concerning Evade/Grenade Spam…

Might as well lump these into one since they’re the same kind of annoying. The evade should take longer to recharge since you can use two jukes after each cool down. On the flip side you should start out with only one grenade instead of two considering maps are littered with grenades anyway. That’d greatly lower blind grenade kills.

Where are the Invasion maps?

Invasion is pretty fun from my experience. People swear it’s crazy unbalanced but I haven’t taken part in many one sided fights. Having only two Invasion maps with two Invasion Slayer types is pretty weak. Bungie oughta start supporting it more with free Forge World variants to put in their playlist. You already know they’ll add more original maps as pay to download DLC going by their track record. Nevertheless it’d be a good gesture to give, say, three forge world invasion maps for free to start.

Campaign expansion packs

I thoroughly enjoyed playing co-op campaign with friends on legendary. It was a bit frustrating at times but we trudged through it one level at a time. Without spoiling anything the story pretty much wraps up once you beat it. With that said I’d like to see Bungie come up with more campaign levels down the line. One free  new campaign level to start would be dope. Then a five level campaign pack for 5-10 bucks featuring new guns, enemies and other surprises would be fair.

Custom games browser

It should be easier to play custom maps like this with friends

Matchmaking, while slow at times, works better now that certain game types I’d rather not play (SWAT, team snipers etc.) have their own playlists. But people come up with interesting maps and modes that don’t get any shine in ranked games. Taking your party around unranked custom games would open the game up in a ton of ways and make it a less rigid experience. Let’s say you want to play a popular invasion map made in forge world that’s not supported by matchmaking. Getting 12 friends together for that is a pain. It’d be better to team up, search for custom games, and find new, popular and well designed maps made by the fan base along the way.

…and finally, Bigger Lobbies/Forge support

Halo Reach works well with 8-16 players since the maps accommodate that kind of party. Still with forge being as large as it is the map is pretty underutilized with only 16 players at most. it’d be great if the devs could enlarge the player count to say 24-32 players over huge, sprawling maps for Invasion or big team battle. Additionally, it’d be amazing if they could make more maps as large as forge world with more original tools. Seeing gray blocks all over the place gets tiring after awhile; especially in a game that actually has a good mix of colors.

So that’s all I got. Halo Reach is a good game as it stands but it could stand to see some improvements. We’ll likely see more additions via DLC as previously stated. Still I hope Bungie doesn’t do a couple of tired map packs and call it a day. There’s so much more that can be done to make it a better game. What do you think Bungie can change or add to Reach to make it better?

*Best believe I run like a mug when I don’t know where I’m getting shot from haha.

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