Some Geek Wants To Make Left 4 Dead 3 Great. What Else Is New?

Left 4 Dead 3 is inevitable like it or not. Even if that slip up never occurred both games sold too many copies (especially 2 w/ it’s holiday sale deals) to scoff at the possibility of making another entry.

I guess you could say I finally caught the L4D bug. No, I’m not infected. Instead I finally did the right thing and bought L4D 1 during the holiday steam sale. While I gushed about the thought of playing it many moons ago I rented the 360 version (bad move) and it didn’t grab me like I thought it would. The PC version is far and away superior what with excellent mod support and all. I got L4D 2 for the free on 360 (forgive me again) but that was when I wasn’t big on L4D.

Now times have changed and I have some really neckbeard-level ideas for L4D 3 that I’d like to share on the innanetz. While LFD 2 is fun it, to me, mainly offered evolutionary changes outside of scavenger and realism mode. I would’ve liked to see more novel gameplay changing additions: kind of like the melee weapons but with a bigger effect on how you play.

I realize that, like any wish list line up of suggestions it’s likely that none of these features will be added. Also when months pass and more info on L4D 3 surfaces I’ll look at this post and realize how wrong I was. Then I’ll contemplate on what could’ve been. But I’m all about living in the moment: online at least. Let’s get it (c) Three The Hard Way.


Multiple Routes Please

L4D 2 expanded on the first game’s linearity somewhat throughout it’s chapters. But it felt like it gave you slightly different variations on the same path instead of giving totally different avenues to choose. And maybe it’s me, but it felt like the different paths made it easier to get lost (ex. Hard Rain.) I’m not asking for anything wildly complicated. But perhaps 3 standard routes per mission (easy-long, normal-regular distance and hard-shortcut) should be available at most between each safe house. Certain chapters could offer only two routes: one normal the other difficult. I think this would be a better way to increase replay value as the game really doesn’t lend itself to complex puzzles and fetch quests.Then the ending of each chapter would change depending on what route you took.

Stand offs are cool but what about Bosses?

Incorporating bosses may be a tired mechanic but I’m surprised Valve never explored this opportunity. I don’t have any good ideas as far as character designed is concerned. If anything they should be climactic and fun to play (ya think?!). At least add new interesting sub bosses. I’m kind of tired of the Tank. Also they could be random OR dependent on what path/decision you took. Which leads to my next suggestion…

Decisions, Decisions…

Choices are all the rage in games now so I bet people won’t warm up to this. But when you see a horror movie how often do you see characters make a split second choice that (sometimes unknowingly) save them in the end or lead to their demise? L4D 3 could be great with similar choke points. I wouldn’t want it to penalize the player with instant death if they chose one option over the other. But imagine if the group had to choose to flip a switch in order stop a massive swarm of common infected from attacking. But, in doing that, the switch triggers a tank or some new sub-boss to come after them.

Left 4 Rescue Campaign

It’d be too predictable to only add four new survivors. How about introducing four special ops agents w/ their own unique campaign levels? This group would come in to find survivors only to realize they’re the ones that need saving. In the meantime they’d search for survivors and bring them to safe areas nearby for helicopter transport. Meanwhile the helicopter would drop valuable supplies that’d make search and rescue worth doing. They’ll have their own perks such as better weaponry and attachments but they’ll also lack items like pipe bombs, molotovs and won’t have access to the same melee weapons. It’d be cool to have this team cross paths with the new survivors on occasion: especially at the finale. Their story lines would together and create personalities within the group and new interactions w/ the four main survivors.

Versus/New Modes

Left 4 Traitors

Ever hear of counter-op mode from Perfect Dark? If not, it was a mode where the 2nd player would spawn as an enemy soldier with the A.i. and try to stop player one from beating the level. Left 4 Traitors would be a spin on counter-op in that all 4 players spawn as survivors. If one of them dies then they’ll come back as a unique special infected. What I mean is each character will return with their own abilities. Like let’s say the zombie version of the typical stoic survivor returns w/ an ability grab and throw survivors around, or the token black guy’s zombie version is some crazy strong chainsaw wielding murderer (No OJ.) The winner would be based on who survived the longest along with bonuses for infected killed, successful revives, killing survivors that were infected and more.

Versus Survival

This is basically good ‘ol control point mixed w/ survival mode. The survivors will have to cap three points on the map. Meanwhile the infected have to stop them from doing so. Each point will serve as a mini survival mode standoff until the survivors secure the area a la TF 2. Survivors win if they cap all the points. Infected win if the survivors fail to capture all of the points.


This is a horror themed game after all

Maybe it’s me but L4D doesn’t really come across as a scary game. It could use some more moments where it trips you out. Of course they’d lose their effect after numerous play throughs But random cheap scares would go a long way.

Infected Predators

I can’t wait for PETA to get a load of this. Infected humans are cool. But don’t you find it kind of strange that survivors traveled through forests and swamps in the previous games w/o worrying about some mutated animall killing them all? This is getting into the realm of ridiculousness but I’m having fun here. How about some killer grizzly bears? Or, while going through a zoo you face off against SI lions and tigers? At least put in some annoying birds that seem to plague so many games. Better yet, put in some SI alligators and crocodiles while you run around in knee deep water for cheep thrills. Mix it up.

Vehicles! (as long as they fit)

I just want to drive a pick up trick with a gatling gun mounted in the back. That way my friends and I can drive around shoot stuff and have fun. Ok yeah this isn’t the greatest idea but it’d be cool to have nonetheless.

Last But Not Least, Take Your Time Valve!

L4D 2 is a “better” game than it’s predecessor. And I realize I don’t speak for everyone when I say the following. I really didn’t see a big fan response for a new entry to drop only a year after the first game. The changes that valve made w/ L4D 2 were pretty impressive considering they had less than a year to make it. But the second game could’ve been much improved and feature rich if they had more time to make it. Meanwhile, L4D 1 could’ve received TF 2-level upgrades over time while we waited on the next game.

Once again. I’m not the voice of the entire L4D community. But believe me I can wait until L4D 3 hits store shelves/steam. Quick addendum, I can wait as long as it won’t have a Half Life 2: Episode 3-type of development time (shots fired.)

In Closing

I left out somewhat obvious additions like “I WANT MOAR WEAPONZ AND GUNNZ AND MELEES AND LEVELS AND REBALANCE THE VERSUS C’MON VALVE!!!” because that comes with the territory with every sequel. We essentially got “more” with L4D 2 already. I’m sure Valve will do the same with 3. Who knows? Maybe their new features will make my ideas look terrible. At any rate I applaud and thank you if you made it through all that text in one piece. Valve knows what they’re doing so I bet L4D 3 will be another enjoyable game in the franchise. Still it wouldn’t hurt if they saw what I had in store for it in this post. They built a monster with the first game and kept it moving with the second. Let’s hope the third will be a huge improvement over its older brothers.

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