RU Career Fair: Job Huntin’ (and Still Stuntin’)

I decided to kick in the new year by staring at unemployment straight in the face. RU always holds a job fair during winter break and I begrudgingly decided to go. I say begrudgingly because these fairs include very few attendees from the media (mostly radio stations.) I don’t know what keeps the Star Ledger and local network TV affiliates from showing up. Then again any job is better than no job at this point. Still it wouldn’t hurt to apply to something I actually majored in.

Anyway I get to the place and I had to park at Livingston. The campus has a different feel since I graduated two years ago especially with the newly renovated student center. I took the campus bus to college ave and felt like an old ass man in the process. Then again it reminded me of all the shuttles I took around campus back in my no-car-havin days.Those days are still going strong since I still don’t own a whip.

So I finally get to College Ave and hit up Brower first. My memories of Brower weren’t fond as it was the worst dining hall in the University: barely edging out Tillet for that dubious honor. Then again arguing between Brower and Tillet is like arguing if Samuel Dalembert could beat Erick Dampier in a game of ball.

My plan of attack was about as unorganized as the fair itself. The place was crowded and it was hard to discern lines from people trying to get around the dense crowd. I found myself frustrated at this point as I could only find employers looking for internships for marketing, business (administration) and finance majors. I left my first Brower tour a bit miffed but somehow remained cautiously optimistic for the good ‘ol Rutgers Student Center.

So I make my way upstairs and got greeted by a stuffy room full of unemployed suits (myself included.) I struck out more times than Ryan Howard: especially with the reps at Johnson & Johnson. They were looking for potential co-op applicants and my old self rolled in looking for a job. The nice lady there basically slapped an enlarged DENIED stamp on my face and I k.i.m. That’s was alright though b/c I didn’t hang my head. Instead I went downstairs, did what I should’ve done in the first place (plan out what employers I want to see in the brochure) and made another trip.

So I walk in there again and I saw these birds at the Abercrombie and Fitch look gimme a look at the corner of my eye. I didn’t think much of it as I was trying to get employed. Okay well I thought about talking to them after I was done but just know that I was about my business. Plus this Ronald Dupree lookin’ dude was there and he looked like he had a lil’ too much sugar in the tank. Anyway I hit up some booths, did the handshake thing, asked questions and dished out resumés.

Then I got a call from my lil homey and she was finally in the building (CPT schedules are the best schedules.) Little did I know these Abercrombie girls followed me as I walked out. So I get off the phone and they acted extra friendly towards the kid. We chatted, talked about some job training opportunity and they walked me back to their booth. They gave me the whole schpiel and I got to talk to their supervisor: another nice lady. Meanwhile Mr. Dupree waltzes in, stands there silently and watches all this go down. I could see him in my peripheral vision but I didn’t pay him any attention. The whole thing was kind of random as I wasn’t at all ready for it. But looking back it was pretty funny (to me at least.) I guess you had to be there.

Rockoff Hall - The 'Ol Stomping Grounds...

After that I did some last minute runs at Brower and meet up with my friend back at RSC. Then we rounded out the day with some food and hung out in Rockoff. It was a day full of awkward moments (i.e. cats walking around a job fair with air maxes and members only jackets, WOW (c) Mase), crowded rooms, small victories and walking. Still I left more accomplished than I usually do after most job fairs. Getting lost on the way back home and almost getting pulled over twice (once by an undercover cop, the other on 287 on the way back) were the low points  but I got home in one piece.

The day could’ve been worse so I can’t complain. I just hope the resumés I gave out haven’t seen any trash cans since Thursday. The least they could do is recycle them.

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