What Are Your Favorite Stevie Wonder Songs?

It’s an understatement to say Mr. Wonder is a great singer/songwriter. His contributions to American music not only transcend genres. His fanbase has reach across many generations WORLDWIDE so it’s safe to say he’s a national treasure. Dude’s subject matter has reach beyond love songs too. He’s scribed about economic hardship, depression, society’s ills and even Christianity among other topics.  I’m a huge fan of this living legend If you couldn’t already tell. He always finds a way to get spins on my iTunes despite the abundance of rap&BS in my library.

I have so many favorites from his catalog that I’d be here all night if I listed them all. So I decided to share a few favorites with you all. Keep in mind this is not a “top Stevie Wonder” list at all. Well now that that’s settled lets get to the good stuff.

All I Do

Fun fact: This song was originally written by Stevie for Tammi Terrell back in the 60’s. But that version wasn’t released until it hit one of those Motown Anniversary Greatest Hit Collections…or something. Well this version is far better as I love the keys and it seems far less formulaic.

What Christmas Means To Me

Most Christmas pop songs are wack at best. They’re especially abrasive when I best the holiday rush despite my better judgment. But there’s something about this Christmas tune that makes it enjoyable year round. Yes I jam to this cut in the middle of July like it’s nothing. I can’t think of any other holiday songs with that kind of appeal.

Look Around

And now for something on the other side of the spectrum. I get stumped every time I try to analyze the lyrics behind this song. It’s not a well known record so I haven’t found out what the hell is going on in it. So far I’ve come to these conclusions about it:

1.) it’s not a very positive record (duh.)

2.) Its subject matter is a stark contrast to the happy go lucky stuff he used to make for Motown.

3.) The use of heaven, hell and other religious subjects become recurring themes in some of Stevie’s songs thereafter.

Tracks like these just go to prove that Stevie’s writing ability is unparalleled. Either that or he smoked some good stuff in the studio and get mad loose. At any rate it’s a thought provoking track to say the least.


The jury is still out on whether or not “Songs In The Key Of Life” is better (or worse) than “Innvervisions.” In the meantime you can find my jammin’ to As while the court wastes our tax dollars jury ruminates over that never ending debate. It’s one of my all time favorite love songs. It sounds especially fairy-tale like considering Stevie went through two marriages. With that said it doesn’t hurt to have hope the next time you come up on your next bustdown.

Another Star

Here’s another favorite from Songs. Every time I hear this song I swear I was born in the wrong generation or something. It’s like an Orchestral latin/soul fusion type get down that’s a feast for my ears every time I hear it. Bobbi Humphrey got down at the end too.

I Don’t Know Why I Love You

Usually I don’t applaud songs that promote simp-like activity. But this desperate version of Stevie sounds exceedingly convincing in his inability to shake off his affection for some ungrateful bird. Lots of dudes have gone down this road and don’t know when to quit. But alas, even legends have trouble getting women. He used his funpass well with this one. Interestingly enough, he developed an ability to create baby making music after this awkward phase. It just goes to show that anyone can shoot their way out of a slump.

If You Really Love Me

I love the lyrics on this one. It basically goes over the petty ups and downs that go on in a relationship. It’s rare to hear us begging our girlfriends to proclaim their love for us. I’m just saying it wouldn’t hurt to be appreciated every once in awhile.

This rendition is one of the best I’ve heard from Sir Wonder.  The only thing funkier than this song is the outfit he’s rocking. It’s just too bad that it gets cut off early. I would’ve loved to hear and see it in it’s entirety.

That’s all I have for now. I’d post more but I’m tired. There’s a laundry list of Stevie Wonder songs that I enjoy so it doesn’t stop here for me. Now read the title and tell me your favorite Stevie Wonder records. I can’t be the only one on the innanet that’s a fan.

1 Response to “What Are Your Favorite Stevie Wonder Songs?”

  1. 1 chicca sciaccaluga January 20, 2010 at 3:58 pm

    my favourite song is “overjoied”

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