DWYCK – 17 Years Later…

Dwyck is one of my favorite DJ Premier tracks ever. The beat is simple, catchy and knocks all the same. There’s no hook and it actually works better that way. It makes the rhymes stand out more and sets it apart from so many songs from that era. Plus the video had some bad girls in it and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Now before I go in on this song I have to say a few things. At risk of discrediting myself, I was a wee youngin’ when I saw the video. The song was straight running man material and that’s all I needed at six years old. Then my moms would come in and scream on us for watching half nekkid wimmen on TV. Ahh, the good old days.

I’m of the opinion that songs can be memorable no matter how old you were when you first heard them. So Dwyck has a special notch on it since it hit me at an impressionable age. So let’s have a toast/discussion of sorts if that makes any sense.

Who Had The Best Verse?

If you asked me this question back in ’92 I would’ve said Greg NIIIIICE, GREG N-I-C-EEEEEEE!!!! I was far from the (somewhat) lyrical snob that I am today as I just liked music that sounded good to me. Most of the time that involved shit that would make me  go wild around the house and break some of my mom’s furniture: albeit accidentally.

But let’s get real. Guru’s verse wins hands down. It’s kind of funny considering Guru’s monotone flow can lull me to sleep at times but he definitely brought it on this one. It’s one of my favorite verses from him ever actually. Sure he gets a lil’ random in his bars but his flow masks the awkward parts.

Smooth B’s bars ain’t bad but they pale in comparison to Guru’s. Plus they don’t stand out too well against Guru’s verse and Greg Nice’s patented ad lib ladened contributions. But it’s not bad. It’s just tucked in all the way at the end of the track like a bad stepchild. It’s a shame but them’s the breaks.


The cinematography in the video isn’t anything spectacular and it falls into the usual hip-hop trappings of cameos (Red Alert, Kid Carpi & Group Home) and copious amounts video ho’s. But I still like it. Maybe it has something to do with the style back then. It’s pretty funny seeing Premo wear a track suit with bunched-up pant legs.

Guru was killin’ it with the exclusive lima bean green & baluga blue crew neck, jeans bleached to oblivion WITH the hat to match.Let’s not forget the fruity pebbles lookin’ track jacket he had in a couple of shots. Smooth B got the ill denim jacket and WHITE KHAKI’s stuntin on the boardwalk. Yes I know it’s not fair to crticize past fashion trends but the gear these cats had on provides straight comedy.

The girls…are nothing spectacular by todays standards. But the hi-yellow chick in the yellow bikini with good hair is the baddest one out the crew. I’d holla at her but I bet Premo got at it EARLY. Dude is the Gene Simmons of rap from what I’m told. So I’d take a rain check on that one.

WRAP IT UP!! (c) Dave

Now to tie up some loose ends. I talked at length about this song and video wihout bothering to find out what DWYCK actually stands for or where it came from. It’s not mentioned in the song from what I can tell unless I’m really THAT dense. Ehh, not knowing the song title’s origin doesn’t really take away from my enjoyment of it so it’s not a big deal. Still if anyone has any info feel free to drop it in the comments. On that note you can find me playing this joint on repeat for the time being.

4 Responses to “DWYCK – 17 Years Later…”

  1. 1 seeowins September 2, 2009 at 7:43 pm

    Lemonade was a popular drink and it still is
    I get more props and stunts than Bruce Willis

    The dude pushing Guru around in that vehicle always reminds me of Chad Hugo from The Neptunes for some reason.

  2. 2 Vigilante September 6, 2009 at 4:05 am

    I saw an interview on youtube someone did with Nice & Smooth and they said it stands for that certain male part of the body. It might still be up on youtube I think it was done by MTV Raps hope they haven’t taken it down.

    Just had to comment for the Gang Starr love since thats what got me into Hip-Hop.

  3. 3 Ike Diamonds April 20, 2010 at 11:31 am

    R.I.P. Guru. Loved your article on this gloomy day in hip hop.

  4. 4 Zayd Bigavell May 16, 2010 at 11:06 am

    you crazy, Smooth B definitely had the illest verse

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