It’s Good To Be a Pac Div Fan These Days…

Pac Div 2

There’s nothing like the feeling of seeing an artist/group you follow grow from e-hype to mainstream praise. Pac Div ain’t exactly mainstream yet but they’re well on their way.

They already got the heads online locked down but I think they got a shot at reaching out to these knucklehead kids too. Even if they don’t they got too much talent to waste. With beats provided by the often-slept on Swiff D they got a shot at crossing over while providing quality music: a tricky balancing act few can accomplish.

It’s funny because, like a lot of artists I grew to like, I thought they were trash when I first heard them back in ’07. That was back when they were known as Pacific Division and unsigned. Then I heard/saw the video for Paper (flick above) and they gained a fan after a few spins. They spent ’08 dropping videos for their other E-hits like Fat Boys ’08, Taste, and Women Problems. Add a couple of mixtape spots and i’d say they had a strong year even though their label, Universal, didn’t appear to do too much to help.

My boys told me their music video for mayor got played on MTV Jams and I got excited. Sure it’s not MTV Uno but it’s a start. Besides when I had jams years ago they only played like 10-15 videos a day in the SAME rotation. Word is things haven’t changed over there at all so that’s some good promotion if you ask me. This break, along with the release of Church League Champions (link provided by the CLC site) last month prove that the group is on a mean streak.

It’s about time Universal gave them some shine. They’ve been signed for a year and are finally getting their shots at success. It’s like Motown forgot they had any rappers on their roster outside of KiD CuDi.

Anyway Pac Div is reppin’ the Western Conference hard without falling into the gangbanging trappings of their forefathers. I think it’s a refreshing change of pace. Don’t deny it. Most rappers that manage to make it out the West have to either play up or act like they put in work in a gang somehow. If not that, they used to be drug dealers (to be fair, mad rappers out here and down south pull that same hat too.) This of course leads to a lot of tired perpetrating until they’re inevitably exposed. Sure, “keepin’ it real” isn’t really enforced anymore. But I’ll believe and support Pac Div’s M-O before most acts out now.

Pac Div Church League Champs

Their songs usually comprise of few references involving violence or drugs. Sure they’ll talk at length about whatever their wearing or how great they are but who doesn’t do that. They’ll switch it up on occasion and talk about issues with women,  hope (or lack of) for the future and even commentary on being a young black man going against society’s expectations. It ain’t exactly church rap as they still curse like sailors.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

All things considered the group offers songs that are of a different air compared to what you’ll usually hear on the radio. To add to that they’re getting shine by doing rap their way. Remember, they made the OS debut list for a reason  (shoutout thekidLEGEND). I’d like to finish this post with the following. Check out their catalog and give Church League Champions a shot. It’s good stuff from a squad with a promising future.

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