Thoughts on NBA Free Agency And Summer Trades (So Far…)

Cavaliers Shaq

I’ve seen some suprising and groan inducing deals in my day. Still, this past week and a half has been rife with such moves. I’m not going to talk about every last trade and signing because, well, I just don’t want to. Instead I’ll talk about the ones that, to me, had the most impact.

Shaquille O’neal to Cleveland for Ben Wallace and Sasha Pavlovic (Phoenix)

They obviously got a better center in Shaq but that wasn’t their problem. They still have the same perimeter D issues that reared their ugly head in the Eastern Conference Finals. I remember telling my pops that they should’ve grabbed Ron Artest or Trevor Ariza when they had the chance.At least they got the funniest player in the league on their squad.

Skip to about 4:03 for the jokes and malarkey.

Ron Artest to LA, Trevor Ariza hits up Houston

If Hov' did it yall would do it too.

I wonder how that Lakers logo will look on his head.

LA got even better with this trade. People don’t give QB (that’s Ron) credit for learning his place in a system. He knew Houston wasn’t his squad going in; it belonged to TMac, Yao and Shane Battier (I mean he is a co captain and all.) Then TMac fell out as did Yao. So he and Battier led an undermanned squad to 7 games against the eventual champs. The Lakers will miss Ariza’s upside as he was coming into his own this season. Still, Ron-Ron is a better scorer as long as he doesn’t shoot you out of the game.

Vince Carter goes to Orlando, Nets get Skip, Courtney Lee, and Tony Battie

Nets Magic Trade Basketball

Counting me, there are about hmmm, i’d say 40 Nets fans in jersey. I had no support system when I heard the news about VC. All the guys threw a party but I just sat in my corner looking distraught as hell. I tried to be optimistic especially considering how the Nets got a good backup for Devin. I’m not sold on Courtney Lee and Battie ain’t worth a damn. Truth be told Orlando looked interesting for a split second.Then…

Hedo Turkoglu heads to Toronto

They call me Jordan of Turkey in my country yes?

They call me Michael Jordan of Turkey in my country yes?

… Hedo had to screw everything up and bounce. I’m not against players getting their money, but c’mon now. Why ruin a chance at a chip just so you can put an extra Vespa in your garage? Toronto looks better with this deal but they still won’t be able to play D to save their lives. Bosh’ll be gone by next summer and they’ll get even worse. In the meantime I just peeped this article at the Chicago Sun Times that suggests he may have been pussy whipped out into signing with Toronto. If that’s the case then Baby Peja has been exposed. You can’t run the court if you can’t run your own household B.

Ben Gordon, Charlie Villanueva sign with the Pistons

Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanueva

The D has been thrown for a loop this past week. First they fired Michael Curry (I wonder who wrote that?) Then they got Ben and Charlie in one fell swoop. Now I’m hearing Dumars is trying to get Avery Johnson to be the next head coach. I have no idea how he’ll get his rotation going now with three shooting guards in Rip, Iverson and Ben. Anyway Detroit came up in a major way. I guess it won’t be so cold in the D much longer.


Boston practically has ‘Sheed on the Roster, Spurs still fighting for him


It’s not official yet but The Wallace is expected to sign with the Celts or the Spurs soon. While he won’t start for either squad they’ll get a good power forward off the bench. I’m sure he knows that going in. I don’t want to hear him complain about minutes come mid-season. The Spurs can look especially interesting if they nab him since they already traded too much for RJ (Uncle Bruce, Oberto, and Kurt Thomas.) Well I know Christmas will be much brighter wherever he ends up.

AI thinking about…Memphis? WHY?!?!?!


I’m just as confused as you are. Memphis is a graveyard for players like Iverson. Then again I don’t know where they’ll get the dough considering how they dumped 33 Mill into getting…Zach Randolph. Yeah good luck with that.

So there it goes. If this summer is this crazy I can’t imagine how bad things will get in 2010. I hope you enjoyed. Now if you excuse me I gotta go play some Fight Night. Later!

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