I’ll Be In LA This Week/Sports Failures Of The Moment

LA skyline

For This


…and more hoodrat stuff that I haven’t planned yet. Anyway I leave tomorrow morning and I’ll be there until Saturday. I’ll be reppin’ TSS at the event so you know we’re gonna be doing big things out there. Keep it locked here just in case I deside to drop some dimes in the upcoming days.

Now lets get to the failures of the moment…

Lebron James and the Lebronettes


flick from Getty Images

All the Nike/Gatorade/NBA/and various sports media hype couldn’t buy a W. The Lebrons fail because Lebron did all the work and Mo Williams was nowhere to be found. Let’s not forget Mike Brown never changed his strategy after game 1 which was basically pray they don’t hit a 3 or let Dwight dunk on D and iso on Lebron on offense. Plus we got robbed from seeing Lebron VS Kobe on the NBA’s biggest stage. Instead we’re getting….Trevor Ariza VS Mikael Pietrus???? GARBAGE!

Lebron especially fails for running to the bus after the game without talking to the media. Way to lead your team MVP. Yeah I’m disappointed in dude. I understand that he lost and he has a right to be mad as hell considering his team didn’t show up for most of the series. Still though man up B! Don’t exude bitchassness when you don’t get your way.

It’s really a shame because I liked most of those Lebron/Kobe puppet commercials.

Rafi losses to Soderling in the French Open

Rafi Nadal Fail

flick from nytimes.com

I don’t watch Tennis a lot but I know that Raphael Nadal runs the French Open. He was 31-0 at the tournament and was going for his 5th straight title….until today. He lost to some Swiss dude named Soderling in the 4th round. That’s not even the quarterfinals folks. Yeah Rafi you’re wack as hell for that one. I watched the most of the match in disbelief on some “isn’t this guy supposed to be the best?” I understand upsets happen but damn that’s embarrasing as hell.

So now I can’t watch ball until Thursday. Plus I’ll be looking forward to what looks like a pretty awkward if not boring series. Oh well, at least i’ll be on the West Coast for the first time ever by tomorrow evening. In the meantime I’ll pack at the last minute and contemplate on playing even more TF2 (the new update is amazing). I’ll catch yall later…

1 Response to “I’ll Be In LA This Week/Sports Failures Of The Moment”

  1. 1 seeowins June 1, 2009 at 9:00 pm

    Told you Young Bron (more like Cleveland in general) wasn’t ready. D Howard ALL DAY!!!! Have a good trip out there man.

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