Remember This? – ED OG & Da Bulldogs: I Got To Have It

I took my Thursday nap as usual just now. I woke up on some “I WANT TO LISTEN TO I GOT TA HAVE IT!!!” which was a really random feeling to say the least. So to satiate my urge I hit up youtube and ran the video back. I’m still listening to it in another tab as I write this.

This is one of the earliest songs that I remember from my childhood. It’s crazy considering that most cats my age don’t know these songs exist. Like I said before my early music tastes were shaped by two things. One, I gravitated to rap and r&b because I loved the sound and those genres appealed to me way more than others at the time. Two, I hung around my older siblings and cousins a lot and they were listening to this stuff all day. I was in a rush to get old plus the shit sounded amazing to me back then.My peers were on some farmer in the dell shit while I loved to hear hot 97 w/ my sisters. In retrospect,

I realize that I shouldn’t have been listening to a lot of rap at an early age. Most of it wasn’t music for kids outside of Kriss Kross, ABC, and those other kiddie rap acts that bit their success. Still I’m thankful that I did because I doubt I’d appreciate half of this stuff if I listened to it now for the first time.

While I developed a love for 90’s hip hop it really messed up my music tastes. Alot of my friends my age love the shit that’s out now and while I like some new rap, a lot of it is ass to me. It could be because I’m overly cynical but I don’t get the goosebumps I used to listening to my favorite genre growing up. I mean I like cats like Wale, Pac Div, 6th, Blu, and a bunch of others that I don’t feel like typing out now. Plus I don’t hate the radio or anything. It’s just that I’m way too young to be listening to rap like a mad backpacker haha. I’m going to end this post now before it becomes to negative. Off to NBA on TNT and Xbox Live I go.

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