Why I’m Waiting on Delightful Bars…


Alot of internut heads talk about how Phonte acts like he has a chip on his shoulder. I’d argue that Rapper Big Pooh, the other half of LB, has dealt with a cinder block’s worth of criticism since the then trio’s first album: The Listening. His flow and writing ability have improved greatly since that record but the hate still remains.

People will believe what they want but I feel that dude has molded himself into a solid rapper. Besides I could play the “I CAN NAME TONS OF RAPPERS THAT ARE WORSE THAN HIM” game but that’s tired.

Truth be told I like Pooh (no Lindsay Lohan) and I think he can hold his own on an album. I bootlegged the hell out of Sleepers back in ’04 and I loved it at the time. It still gets spins on the iPod every once in awhile. He really stepped it up on Getback and his newer songs on Delightful Bars sound just as sharp. Check the video to see what I’m talking about.

Rapper Big Pooh: “The Comeback”


Production on the album will feature the usual suspects: 9th Wonder, Khrysis, and Illmind all return from Sleepers. Plus the cut will feature beats from Jake One, OhNo, The Co-op, and Young RJ. Justus league stalwarts like Chaundon, Darien Brockington, and Joe Scudda will have guests spots on the album as well as Torae and Jay Rock. All these details make it seem like Pooh’s second effort will sound like a winner.

Did I mention that he’s an advocate of caucasian women with rotund prosteriors? Peep game whoadie (c) Juvey

big-pooh-delightful-bars-north-american-pie-version big-pooh-delightful-bars-north-american-pie-version2Now before yall throw your “RACE TRAITOR!!!” flags on the field the love spreads around to females of all skin persuasions.



See? All covers jacked from TSS

If we learned anything about these pics it’s that Rapper Big Pooh will have that ass on his cover if you’re bad: regardless of race. I mean he may have missed the whole Spaniard/Hispanic/Latino clique. In the meantime we could pretend the second flick is a Nuyorican with dyed blonde hair for the sake of this post. Shoot if anything I’d rather see more girls and less rappers on covers AND in videos anyway but I digress. The iTunes version of Pooh’s Delightful Bars is available now. The retail version should be out May 5 I believe. If you mess with the Jobs store give it a shot. I’ll wait a month or so until the store version drops.

1 Response to “Why I’m Waiting on Delightful Bars…”

  1. 1 seeowins March 31, 2009 at 7:09 pm

    Yo I finally got the chance to run that Rapper’s Delight tape last week. Some reason everytime in the past I tried to get it and the .rar was corrupt but I got it to work and that tape went hard. I’m really hyped on Delightful Bars. The covers are official and I think I put a comment up on youtube for that video link haha. Pooh got that heat and i’m gonna have to cop that store version myself.

    P.S. I call the chick with the pony tail and moleface broad.

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