Patrick Ewing Sighting!

I just finished half of my term paper so I’m calling it a night on the schoolwork.

Let’s get to the topic at hand. Why do I find stuff like this so funny? I saw it over break and I damn near fell outta my chair. It was like I had a brain fart and I couldn’t comprehend what the hell just happened. Anyway I have to tip my hat to whoever came up with this commercial. It also reminded me of a bar I saw at penn station that resemebled a Snickers yet looked like that Patrick Chewing on the front instead. Maybe a viral ad campaign hit the streets? Who knows.

Either way, I haven’t eaten a Snickers in years and they used to be my favorite. Now that shit is straight up teeth cancer with all that caramel and chocolate. I mean it tastes good and all but I feel my molars decaying everytime I even think of eating one. This is why this post ends RIGHT NOW. Goodnight!

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