Greyhound Gets the Gas Face

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

Greyhound Weak (c) D-Jay

I’m not a fan of “Going Greyhound.” However I have to get home somehow and I don’t have a car. Therefore Greyhound is usually one of my few options to get back to civilization. Sure it gets me where I need to go but the journey isn’t always easy. Take yesterday for example.

It would’ve been the usual 4 and a half hour ride back home if not for this guy…

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Oh Yoke the Joker rip (c) D-League

Naughty By Nature – Yoke the Joker

As you can see, or hear for that matter, this dude sounded like a cross between Oscar the Grouch and Bill Cosby. Cosby the Grouch didn’t stop there. Check how he makes dude feel uncomfortable.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Yes Mike I was listening to Drake. Shut up I don’t want to hear it haha.

Drake – The Presentation

Now imagine having to listen to this man ramble for 4 and a half hours. That pretty much sums up my trip back. The worst part was that Young Oscar had jokes. At the very end of the ride the lights went on and he saw this girl with a head scarf. So he goes “Erykah Badu?! Is that YOU?!?!?!” and the whole bus started dying haha. I wish I recorded it but my wack phone ran out of memory.

I am currently looking up Amtrak tickets for winter break as I’m typing this. Wish me luck. All BS aside I’m glad to be home for Thanksgiving break.

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