Well Today’s The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For…


It all comes down to this...

I already voted via absentee ballot so I won’t be in line. However I’ll be tight as all hell if the Electoral College messes this up. I’ve never been so excited yet antsy for an election.

I didn’t like Kerry back in ’04 and Gore got robbed (and looked like a crybaby on top of it). Let’s hope Barack Obama and Joe Biden take it home. Obama/Biden ’08! Let’s get it (c) G-Dep.

Kidz in the Hall: Work To Do (Obama ’08 Campaign Version)

Kidz in the Hall: Work To Do (Obama ’08 Remix feat. Talib Kweli and Bun B)

I think these songs not only show support for the homey but remind us that the President can’t just up and fix all of our problems. This is especially true after 8 years of Bush. We have to take responsibility to make life better for ourselves too. This should go without saying but of course some cats think otherwise. Obama and Biden are politicians, not miracle workers. Of course I’m definitely not down with the media’s somewhat deification of Obama. However they’re jobs obligate them to work in the best interest of their people. Long story short they got my vote because I feel that they meet my needs for the most part.

So in closing, today is gonna be a crazy day to say the least. Hopefully things don’t get to wild and people get hurt in riots and other nonsense like that. I wish yall some happy voting and be safe. 1…

2 Responses to “Well Today’s The Day We’ve All Been Waiting For…”

  1. 1 Broken Wing November 4, 2008 at 3:26 pm

    I truly hope he wins! with all my heart

  1. 1 Barack Wins!! WE MAAAADE IT!!! (c) Ghostface « Trackback on November 5, 2008 at 11:42 am

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