A part of the Midwest that you don’t see on TV

This joint is crazy. I wanna give a shout out (c) Sarah Palin haha, to LC Weber at TSS for writing about this.

It’s one of those things where you have an idea why Ohio is a swing state. However you really don’t have a clue until you see it. Of course this video is extreme in it’s portrayal of small town Ohio, and plus people are gonna take it with a grain of salt (or a whole bag) since it’s a news report from Al-Jazeera. However, I highly doubt their responses to these same issues would be different if say CNN or Fox News covered this story. As a matter of fact I doubt they’d even air those responses on those networks.

Look, I’m well aware that not all of Ohio, or all of the Midwest for that matter, is like that. I never said it was. Shoot I’m kinda mad their hatin’ ability on Obama is stronger than my ability to hate on Palin. In all seriousness though I brought this up to show that misinformation and nonsense brings up BS like this (I’m talking about calling Barack a terrorist and whatnot.) I’m sure people back home talk crazy about McCain and Palin in a similar fashion to the homeys in Ohio. Sorry for not having a video for proof but you can take my word for it. (See, guilty as charged.)

Anyway, if you’re gonna vote, get familiar with Obama and McCain’s policies PLEASE. Please note that the links are starting points, not cheat sheets, to where they lie on the issues. I have my issues with the Electoral college and whatnot but I still plan on putting in my absentee ballot.

I know I’m a lightweight when it comes to politics but if I don’t know enough about something, and it interests me enough, I’ll look it up. I still don’t like Palin outside of comedic endeavors involving her and you’re not obliged to like Obama and Biden either. That’s enough ranting for today.

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