So, About This “New Xbox Experience”…

It was only a matter of time before I started writing geeking out about video games…

So for those Xbox 360 owners that don’t know, if you’re Xbox is hooked up to live you’ll get a brand new Dashboard come Nov. 19th. Check the video above to get an idea of what you’re in for. Microsoft’s been saying that it’ll better organize the Marketplace, your games, save files, etc. Plus you can install your games onto the Hard Drive (If you have one) to make games load quicker and keep your DVD drive from spinning (and making that loud ass noise). You still have to have the disc in the system for a quick spin to do that. Piracy prevention, but i’m not mad at it.

Now I know public opinion is divided on this dashboard overhaul but I kinda like what I’m seeing. It’s adding mad stuff that I wanted out of my xbox since I got it. For instance the OG box had 8 person chat in the dashboard. Right now you can only talk to another person on the dashboard, even though you can coninue the convo in game and alladat. They got this poarty (yes I said poarty) mode goin’ on where 8 people can make a group, chat wherever, and even launch games from the dashboard. That’s pretty nice if you ask me. Plus I like the new look and it looks more organized that the old dash. I don’t care much for the avatars as an addition but they don’t bother me.

It’s kind of REALLY pitiful that I’m geeking out over this but I don’t care haha. My 360 is gonna be on come Novemeber 19 which is a lil over a month from now. I just hope they don’t screw up the launch.

Here’s a more in depth video about the new interface below. Keep in mind that none of these vids are mine. I just jacked them from random youtube users.


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